I didn't know what a JW was, until I fell for one

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  • petuniadillinger

    Most of us feel that we are a part of the body of Christ so using His Name Jehovah helps to make us feel as witnesses do in our hearts. I don't think anyone ever strays too far away that God cannot reach out to save that person in his loving kindness and Jehovah god's loving arrangement for a marriage spouse mate. With that in mind some choose to leave this part of fellowship for later and as a more special presentation for the one they choose to unite in marriage with. I have always read the articles given to me and on a stop and go basis without pressure I always feel free to join in at the meetings and feel very welcome with the brethren and of course get much out of it erasing negativity off my list and positive plus is most often than not the result of attending a kingdom hall meet. I like the sense of privacy that a person feels going and studying scriptures since I have just met back up with a good friend of mine who attended for quite some time. We both found Jehovah speaking to our hearts again and yet now it is better as the time is right, we are both older now and thus have our values more in perspective with an organized way to do devotions, which can really get out of hand. There is so much to learn about god's kingdom at hand so the pressure to think through crisis with clear thinking is important. i like the red paradise book and the green survival book. Many families dress up to go there and enjoy the blue book on secrets to family happiness. I am so happy now and glad that I have continued to consult Jehovah god in many of my spiritual progress as I have met the man of my dreams and I am sure to hope we will live happily ever after. Amen.kk

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