Ex-Elders please advice on my first Public Talk as a MS.

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  • pirata

    I do not recognize that outline title. What is the outline #?

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    Sorry for bumpingthis thread

    I am now ready for this Talk, just finished the final preparations. I've already given a couple of 'test run' talks to my family on several occassions.

    Everyone tells me I will excell for a first talk.

  • freddo

    Don't feed the troll ...

  • RubaDub

    The most important thing is make sure your fly is zipped.

    There is nothing more distracting than sitting through a public talk where the speaker has part of his dress shirt sticking out his fly.

    Rub a Dub

  • jookbeard

    AGBM; I'm going to say for the first time you are a liar and stupid troll

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Bt the way my Talk is on the 25th of July.

    BTTT. Only a week to go.


    Think About It

  • NotBlind


    Based on your icon, could your real name possibly be: Samuel Francisco Herd?

    If you're really giving a public talk, just read the outline word-for-word and look up about 10 random scriptures from the outline. That's what all the other hacks do.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Three points:

    1. Does anyone here remember when the "public talk" was an hour long (actually 55 minutes) and was designed for the public?

    2. AGBM, just go up and give it your best. No one will care if you make a mistake - because no one cares and no one is really listening to what you are saying.


    3. All public talks are basically the same public talk which is the same as the funeral talk, etc. First few paragraphs restate the title and the proposed theme of the talk. Then,

    God created everything.

    Adam and Eve sinned.

    Jesus died as a ransom.

    God set up his earthly organization (now the WT).

    We live in the end times.

    Armageddon will come and burn the bad.

    New Heavens and New Earth...

    The End.

  • thetrueone

    The Topic is- "Young People: Serve Jehovah Wholeheartedly".

    I'd appreciate various points that would make this talk appealing to my Cong. youths, but please keep it within JW boundaries because I don't want to give my Elders any hint of me being an apostate yet.

    I have to say that I am still enjoying my newly given "priviledges'', and am still so surprised that Holy Spirit has'nt pointed me out yet.


    Some people have to bullshit and lie to get attension.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Given that talks were cut down to 30 minutes from 45 minutes, there is not much room for adding anything. Anyone who has developed a talk will realize that the outline points, scriptures that must be "READ" and associated reference provided, you are covered for 28 out of 30 minutes. You get 1 minute at the beginning and end to express yourself and give everyone a hint of your personality. Apart from that your talk will sound like any other talk given on the same topic.

    That is what the WTS wants - you to simply parrot what they have written.

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