New Generation -- NO Thinking Allowed!

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    Aussie Oz

    reminds me of the societies answers in the walsh trial !

    gotta believe it to maintain UNITY!

    No idependant private beliefs allowed


  • WTWizard

    Well, a person does not need to harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding if it is blatantly spelled out right there in the Bible. That ignores the fact that there is no reasonable evidence that necessarily points to Jesus meaning "the group of people whose lives intersect those who saw the beginning". Where in the Bible can they produce the evidence? If they are going to demand that we use their understanding, they should at least be able to tell us where they came up with it.

    That is, unless they are too embarrassed.

  • DaCheech

    so in the year 1914 there were people ages 1, and there were people of age 80.

    the overlapping generation says that it applies to both.

    the 1 year old would now be 93 years old.

    that 93 year old has very little steam left.

    I guess in 8 years their explanations gonna change again

  • agonus

    "That is, unless they are too embarrassed."

    Well, DUH... "Kool-Aid" WT... Library CD for dubs only... don't record or distribute talks... you do the math...

  • agonus

    oh, not to mention taking legal action against websites for alleged "copyright infringement"...

  • TD
    This once-pivotal doctrine was now neutralized and neatly set aside. Why mess with it?

    Because the 1995 explanation violated simple prepositional logic. A temporal preposition like, 'Until' demands that the conditional it describes be farther along in the stream of time than pivotal event itself.

    Here's another way to look at it:

    "This generation will by no means pass away until all these things have occured."

    What do you get when you plug in the '95 definitions and restate the sentence above?

    "Generation" = Those contermporaneous with the sign

    "Pass Away" = Die at Armageddon

    "All these things" = The entire sign including Armageddon

    You get something like this:

    "The generation living during the sign of the last days won't be destroyed at Armageddon until the entire sign is fulfulled and Armageddon occurs."

    Even JW's who couldn't actually put this into words balked mentally at the idea that, "Pass away" was not simply a reference to death from old age.

    For example, I attended that 1995 Watchtower study and casually asked the study conductor after the meeting if he could paraphrase Jesus' statement using the definitions from the study article. He started to and stopped. He thought for a minute and then turned red and walked away. The JW can forbid thinking all they want, but when things reach a point where the Elder who conducts the Watchtower study can't even answer a simple question after the meeting, then something is clearly wrong.

    The 2008 explanation fixed that particular problem, but after laboriously building a case in 1995 that the term, "Generation" always refers to the "Wicked", (e.g. A wicked and adulterous generation" etc.) turning around and proclaiming that the "Generation" of Matthew 24:34 was actually the righteous anointed down throughout history again confused JW's.

    Worse, prior to Pentecost, the "Anointed" as JW's understand the term didn't even exist and interpreting Jesus' use of the near demonstrative pronoun (houtos) as a reference to them is a grammatical problem on par with the 1995 explanation.

    The newest 2010 explanation is ingenious in a way, because it does not overtly violate rules of grammar; it follows the 'typical' fulfillment a little more closely and it still buys the JW's some time.

  • pirata
    a mature Christian must not advocate or insist on personal opinions or harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding.

    So if you can't advocate the idea, and you can't harbor the idea, what is a mature Christian to do?

    Stop Thinking!

  • suedehead

    Here's some independent thinking on the bible: It's totally made up, just like everything written in the watchtower. It's all written to enslave people. And I'm a free man.

  • Finally-Free

    He does not advocate or insist on personal opinions or harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding.

    Yeah. Right. Like I'm going to let a bunch of pedophile protectors tell me what I may or may not think.


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