Do you like to talk while having sex?

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  • Abaddon

    ladonna/ana; Not study per se - I just like the subject, it's funny.

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • Serena

    "Is it in yet?"

  • Sky

    there is nothing sexier than screaming and moaning and yelling during sex...
    I really good moan in my ear can just about take me over the edge...

  • JanH

    Actually. I like my partner to talk dirty during sex, and I like to talk dirty back Of course, being out of breath after a while is a problem. Too much booze & smokes I guess.

    Variation is the key, though. No need to talk every time. But I like the sounds, and I like making sounds! Yet, sometimes circumstances require silence, and that is a turn on too!

    - Jan

  • Mindchild

    Sadly, I routinely violate many of the TEN Commandments when I’m having sex. Especially about calling out the Lord’s name in vain. The other things I say are much much too hot for this board to handle!


  • bluesapphire


    Sure you can Alan, Just ask Julie if you can take the paper bag off your head.
    Sorry Alan but you have to admit it was funny.

    As for my preference, bring on the dirty talk any time. What's wrong with "oh baby" and sounding like a porno? Pornos are fun. And tell me when you're gonna cum so I can cum with ya. Moan and groan and treat me a little ruff. Gotta go find hubby now......

  • Mulan

    I can't reply to this. I have a daughter, a nephew (okay, he's a cousin), and lots of friends who post here. Venice, why are you reading this thread????

    Princess doesn't even want to think about me having sex....even if it is with her father.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • LDH


    Too damn funny.


    You *DO* have to admit it was funny, too!

    I agree with Jan, variation is the key. Sometimes talking can be *HOT* sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes silence is golden.

    Making up for lost time class

  • Tatiana
    "Is it in yet?"

    LOL@ Serena!!

    I agree with Jan. Sometimes I like to talk dirty and be talked to the same. Sometimes I want to be quiet. Other times call for screaming. Sometimes we want to be tender, sometimes rough. Sometimes we play hard rock, sometimes something soft and romantic. Sometimes all of the above for one hell of a mind-blowing climax!!!!

    Variety know.

    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

  • jayhawk1

    After March 23, (wedding day) I will get back to you on that.

    Is this a light saber in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

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