Screen Name vs Character

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  • waiting

    ok tj.

    Where did the original quote from Amazing - which he attributed to you come from? Print the click, as I can't identify it. If I said it, I truly don't remember doing so.

    Conclusion: No more insulting than you when you mentioned that one has to wonder about someone who'd pick the screen name "Amazing."
    Where did this quote originate in any writing of mine that I haven't already provided a click for - and full post?


  • waiting

    Hello Outnfree,

    It was waiting who wondered aloud (so to speak) about whether or not your screen name was a self-ego-boosting descriptive on your part in a response to Julie in the EYES WIDE SHUT thread. Teejay took umbrage at waiting's post, from which you mistakenly drew the conclusion that it was teejay who was accusing you of egotism. He was not. I was not.

    Nice to see you here, outnfree

    Where did I, in response to a post to Julie in the EYES WIDE SHUT THREAD wonder aloud about Amazing's name? Please print click - as I don't recall it. I responded to Julie twice - and it had nothing to do with Amazing's name - and that's the post tj & I are discussing.

    If I'm to be nailed for talking (god forbid if I were to joke) about a man's vanity - then nail Englishman first and formost, then 6of9, then me, and then the poster after me.

    That is the reason that I put all these men's - and mine - complete post - the posts were putting Amazing in a human condition. Like the rest of us, it would seem that he has vanity. And the 4 of us all agreed ......SO WHAT? So do the rest of us!

    To my knowledge, Julie and I never referred to Amazing's all. If we did, please present click.


  • teejay


    Insults against Amazing.

    She DOES sarcastically speaks of people sitting at his feet "thankful for his every word of wisdom." She spoke of his "political bullshit talk." She speaks of his "obvious arrogance and chauvinistic attitude." She's not the only one (female or male) to say the same thing. Conclusion: No more insulting than you when you mentioned that one has to wonder about someone who'd pick the screen name "Amazing."
  • larc

    Brother Amazing,

    I would take Kent's advice and just drop the whole thing. You may have written a beautiful piece of work with good logic and an attempt to bring reason to the table. Fact is, it won't make any difference now, because emotion reigns supreme. Nothing you write will make any difference. Those who have known you for a long time and have appreciated your contributions will still think the same of you. Those, like me, who have known you for a shorter time, but have come to respect your work, will still respect you. Those who see some devious and/or pompous attitude will still see it, no matter what you write. Brother, any attempt to redeem yourself among those who have an attitude, will only amount to pissing in the wind, with the wind headed in your direction. My comments are no reflection of your ability to supply a cogent answer. It a reflection of the futility of doing so.

    Look at the vitriol that teejay put all over Kent, because of Kent's past remarks, accusing him of coming out of some kind of cowardly isolation, when the fact is that Kent was on a vacation in the Canary Islands.

    "Oh, no I've said too much, I haven't said enough. I thought I heard you laughing. I thought that I heard you cry. I thought I saw the spotlight in my direction. Was it me in the corner, Was it me, loosing my direction. Oh, no I've said too much. I didn't say enough." (followed by guitar music)

  • Princess

    Um, someone has never been to McDonald's in Seattle. We have Seattle's Best here and it's good enough to drink, not the swill they used to serve.

    BTW, I am a princess.


    "Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening and live every day as if it were your last." -Irish Proverb

  • waiting


    No offense - but you did say that. I didn't read that last night, as I've said before - I didn't feel good and didn't wish to carry this post any further.

    As for me saying that, no - you put that quote up there, not me. You interpreted my words - so be it.

    I actually put up the whole post showing what I actually DID say. Please refer to page 2 of this thread for reference.

    Englisman was saying Amazing had the same vanities as the rest of us.

    SixofNine was saying that Amazing had the same vanities as the rest of us.

    I was saying that Amazing had the same vanities as the rest of us.

    The poster after me was saying that Amazing had the same vanities as the rest of us.

    Please notice that, in particular, Englishman and I were posting that in spite of Amazing being human......we learned from him, enjoyed his posts, and hoped that he stick around.

    Julie was not saying that about Amazing. She was not saying that he had the same human vanities as exist in us all. She was insulting him.

    You were questioning me and drawing your own conclusions from my words.


  • waiting

    Howdy Princess,

    BTW, I am a princess.


    What vanity! Didn't know that princesses ate at McDonald's. So do Supreme Ones, btw.


  • Prisca


    You can please some of the people all the time,

    You can please all the people some of the time,

    But you can't please all the people all the time.


    have a beer, get drunk, be friends...


    So, what where the fucking issues again????...I've completely forgotten now...

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