Screen Name vs Character

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  • teejay

    Jan's here!!


    Waiting on a couple more. THEN it might be equal.

  • msil


    Don't bother coming back here. It is a waste of your time. Find some good friends and stick with them out of the public view. You should not have to justify your public existence.

    My friend, you are trying to fight a battle that you just cannot win... While some might sincerely disagree with your ideas and those discussions are useful, the character assasination is just that - and it ain't worth it.

    While they may then refer to you as a "coward" or use other such terms for refusing to engage them, who the smart thing.

    Why not clearly examine what you want from this place. Is it idea exchange? Is it social support as in the chat room? If it is to debate with some of your current fellow contestants please realize there will be no winner...if they think there will be or if you think there will be....then perhaps we as outsiders need to know what it looks like when one of the sides actually wins.


  • Amazing

    Kent: I agree with your comments. I have an objective in mind with this one, and I have obtained what I needed.

    Ladonna: Excellent observation. I think that the majority here are above attacking character, but since Jupiter is lining with Saturn again with a full moon arriving just around the corner, I think the tendency to assasinate character is on the increase... But, I am just learning something more about the mentality of those who do attack character. So, this is a fun exercise.

    JanH: On H20 and here too, I have greatly enjoyed your posts about good argumentation. It was a good refresher to me be more careful. Maybe you could post that material again.

    Msil: I am thinking about a lot of things on this. Give me call at my office when you get a chance. Thanks.

  • cellomould

    Hey Amazing,

    You know your own motives. That's all you should have to worry about.

    Who really knows the motives of others?

    It is pretty safe for me to assume all on this board are well-intentioned, until I see clear evidence otherwise. But that is just a cue to ignore them. They can harm me little, in this setting. Out in public, of course, things would be different.

    My assumption of you at this point is that you are a great guy. But you know better than do I. (I think you and I have only been in the same post once or twice in the past.)

    Like others have said, you don't have to defend your character here. If someone really wants to get to know you, they should ask you the right questions. If they aren't interested, well that's their prerogative. If they aren't interested in knowing but are avid accusers and judges, that's their prerogative too. Let them admire their own foolishness.


    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • outnfree


    Now I am going to give the Cliff Notes version of your first reply on this thread to Amazing:

    It was waiting who wondered aloud (so to speak) about whether or not your screen name was a self-ego-boosting descriptive on your part in a response to Julie in the EYES WIDE SHUT thread. Teejay took umbrage at waiting's post, from which you mistakenly drew the conclusion that it was teejay who was accusing you of egotism. He was not. I was not.
    Nice to see you here,


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

  • teejay


    Regrettably, I have not taken special note of you before, but if this note of yours is any indication of your insight or character, I will be mindful of your comments in the future on this board. Perhaps I should have enlisted YOU to answer the charge that Brother Amazing laid at my feet for waiting's words, as obvious as the case was that he seemed to overlook. (Again?)

    No matter. I enjoyed the exercise. I'm thinking he learned something. I know I did.


  • Eric

    I think the internet has been around long enough that the appeal of a "screen name" ought to have worn off by now. Unless you have something to hide, just use your regular damn name already.


  • waiting

    Howdy tj,

    After this last post of yours, I THINK I understand why you keep bringing me into this discussion. Up to this point, I just kept saying "whatthehell????"

    So to try to set the matter straight, as best I can:

    Amazing said:

    Teejay said: "Conclusion: No more insulting than you when you mentioned that one has to wonder about someone who'd pick the screen name "Amazing."

    I am not sure if Teejayshares agreement with what he quoted, but for discussion sake, I will treat it as though he does. Correct me if I am wrong about your view Teejay.

    Tj said:
    Your 'treatment' of a quote does not make it so. You are "not sure" because I have never said. EVER. As I have already said, I am not here stating *my* view. For the sake of clarity, I AM quoting a point of wonder on waiting's part. I have never stated my view in this or any other thread of what I thought of your choice of screen names, not even as a point of wonder.
    And then this by tj:
    As I have already said, I am not here stating *my* view. For the sake of clarity, I AM quoting a point of wonder on waiting's part.
    To my limited knowledge, the only time I talked about Amazing's name was in context with other posters, as follows:

    I skimmed Amazings posts, mainly so as to get to the good parts. There were a lot of good parts too. I for one will miss him.
    Amazing needs to be admired, that particular part of his personality was always very evident. But that is a common male trait, one that many of us fella's have to do battle with.

    You see, I accept all these weaknesses in others quite happily, so for me, Amazing's needs never served to undermine his perceptions. If he had tried to manipulate others via emotional blackmail - my biggest pet hate - I would have given him hell every time he posted. - Eman

    nope. It's a common human trait. - 6of9
    Speaking of admiration: (requoting above, then) Yeah, but *some* men seem to have a heavier dose of that trait. And with a name like Amazing", ya just gotta figure......

    But that doesn't make them - or those women - any less intelligent, or unworthy to read. I liked the majority of Amazing's posts. Even those I didn't agree totally with, I usually learned something along the way....even if nothing more than to be able to articulate my own opinions. -waiting

    That's the only time I referenced any words to Amazing's name. I don't remember "wondering" about his name at all. I was posting with Englishman and 6of9 about the human trait of vanity - and my view was corrected by the next poster, who said *some* women have a heavier dose of vanity than a lot of men. Go figure!

    I don't know why you brought Julie & my post discussion over here, but no problem. I was having a hard time yesterday, I apologized for responding like her when I said I didn't.


    Howdy y'all,

    Back to the discussion of screen names - and Amazing's choice.
    I don't think it matters much. As for Amazing believe/not believe/did believe that he was of the anointed?

    1. I am assuming that since Ray Franz was on the Governing Body for many years, he also thought he was of the anointed. Negatively judge him too? Sarcastically nudge at him too?

    2. Many people believe that they're going to heaven - being saved by God. Judge them too?

    Gee, if we keep judging people, we'll end up being a tight little group, keeping any out who don't think like us. We just CAME from a group like that!

    Anyway, glad Amazing's back.


  • Amazing

    Teejay: I laid no allegation at you. I even asked you for a correction. But, instead it took Outnfree to offer the correction I asked for. Yes, you should take not of her insughts, because it appears that you are sorely lacking.

    Outnfree: Thanks for the clarification. I did not take the time to go back and trace Teejay's quote, and decided to ask him to correct me if I was in error. The point of my post was about how people do takes things to the extreme. So, regardless of who said it, it was said, and at the end of my post thanked you both for bringing our these two views.

    Msil: Thanks for the good points. Be assured that I am not trying to win any battles. I am not at war. Anyway, I look forward to yu calling me. Thanks.

  • teejay

    I don't know why you brought Julie & my post discussion over here, but no problem.

    My god, waiting! That's just it, for cryin' out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *I*, by that I mean "teejay," DIDN'T bring your and Julie's discussion over here. Amazing did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look who started this silly ass thread. Look at what he said in the original post. Okay????????!!!!!!!

    Read, woman. Read. It ain't that freakin' hard.

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