Corruption within the elder ranks!

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  • JohnSteadman

    I have been serving as a Presiding Overseer in the United Kingdom for over 20 years, in my time I have seen the organisation develop and grow both spiritually and financially. I have seen elders come and go but more so than any other time I have witnessed lies and cover ups from elders, CO's, Bethel members which have caused me great upset. I do not wish to go into any details but would like to warn people of the dishonesty that has become Jehovah's Organisation.

  • Patriot

    Welcome John,

    ALtough most of us here are aware of the corruption in the WT we would like to hear your detailed experiences.

    There are many former elders and P.O.s here who would no doubt fell better knowing that others are going through the same and might be able to help.

    If you do not want to give your experiences yet as a P.O. at least start making copies of the letters in your files that prove your case.

    If not sometime in the future you can be accused of Apostacy and have nothing to defend yourself with.


  • JohnSteadman


    Thanks for the advice, I have begun to make copies of letters etc and will keep these as evidence against any action that my be taken against me in the future.

    For the time being I will continue to serve Jehovah.

  • Celia
    For the time being I will continue to serve Jehovah.

    Serve Jehovah ?
    Serve God ?
    Serve the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York ?
    Love God ...
    Love and follow Jesus ...
    Obey the orders of the WTSociety ...

    Which is it ?

  • anewperson

    John, there are now Bible Groups in the U.S. that are non-Watchtower still holding to the earthly and heavenly resurrections hope but allowing for much greater Christian Freedom of conscience and expression, more emphasis on love than rigidity: sends out newsletters to all belief systems including the non-WTS Bible Groups. They are serving Jehovah and His Christ, united by the strongest bond which is Love. Now you know something else they don't tell you or not correctly tell you about.

  • nelly136

    nice to meet you john,
    getting quite a few uk'ers here these days
    (kent uk)

  • Ivor Hope
    Ivor Hope

    Hi John,

    You more than most will have seen the changes that have taken place in recent years. Now you've "seen the light" you can try to help others who may still look up to you to have the veil lifted also.

  • Latte

    Welcome John!

    Looking forward to hearing more about you.

    Would you say that most PO's have a fairly good idea of what is going on within the JW's? Do you think that they have an 'incling' that any/many have doubts, or know it's not right as it should be? (I'm talking about elders PO's here)

    Just wondering.


  • jst2laws

    Hello John,

    Welcome. You must have been a lurker for a while as I was. Good to have you start speaking up. You are among good company as many here have been where you are now. I'm still adjusting even at this time. I resigned less than a year ago.

    Anything you want to talk about feel free to bring it up. Just want to say too that discovering the WT is a fraud does not have to reflect on God. As one poster here often says 'Christianity is not a religion but a relationship'.

    Relax and make friends.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Hello John,
    i have also bee an elder fro over 20 year, ended 2 years ago, still serving jehova.
    I must say that what yopu say , is the problem to bee an, we are nor perfekt, and can not bee, in this
    system. Even in first christian they have the same problems, onlöy to read letters from Paul to diffrent Cong in first cnturi.
    we must overlook this bad things happend, we now jehova sees this, and i am sertain that satan try very hard to break down us.
    I have a very biggg expirens, grow upp as JW, have 5 children, 2 are not JW, i think you can say i an inn the liberal ving, if we use littel wordley talk.
    Perhaps inn some places we now see men who are fullfilling bibel profetia, who says, it will come men among yourself who is wolfs and who put srtong burden on you.
    if so, jehova will take care of it, and put things in order again.
    many gratings from your brother inn sweden

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