Who is the President of the WTS?

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  • MavMan
    And isn't it *amazing* that with the exception of one lonely old black dude, Jehover found that the most faithful people on earth, The Faithful Indiscreet Slave, are a bunch of old dried up white guys?

    Are you racist against white people?

    The FDS is composed of around 8k brothers and sisters worldwide, do you have proof that they are a bunch of white guys? I have met many sisters, black brothers, hispanic brothers, asian brothers and yes some white brothers that are annointed and part of the FDS class.

  • LDH

    Does anyone have the yearbook statistics for partakers at the Memorial? I'd like to shut this ass munch up for good. I'd like to see the breakdown of where in the world the partakers come from.

    If I'm not mistaken, there was a post on this board where partakers in Africa were SPECIFICALLY not counted because, according to the WBTS, "They didn't really understand what it entailed." [8>]

    And, I'm not the one who authored articles entitled, "Can the leopard change its spots?" --referring to blacks who would one day be lucky enough to change into whites! Perhaps you are asking the wrong entity if they are predjudiced, YoYo.

    I could have better worded my comment to say, "Out of the 8K people who claim to make up the FDS (this year), the 12 chosen ones who run the show are all old white farts." With the exception of the token brotha-man, Sam Herd. It was probably news to old Sam that he was one of the FDS too, LOL.

    After speaking with Shelby on this subject, I certainly feel that not only are they RACIALLY predjudiced, but GENDER biased too.

    But that's just MHO.


  • AGuest

    Hello, dear Lisa... peace to you!

    Although I have not read the entire thread (I might go back and do so later... and then again...), your comment - and others - remind me to the WTBTS' description of the Catholic clergy, as found on pages 69-70 of the "Proclaimer's Book":

    "A bigoted group of men who systematically endeavor to throttle all Bible teaching, unless is comes through them."

    Now, I don't know about you, or dear MavMan... but if I've heard or seen a more hypocritical description, I don't know when or where. Talk about leopards changing their spots... how about pots calling kettles black? LOL!


    A slave of Christ,


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