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  • DIMs Wife
    DIMs Wife

    Thanks for all the really does help. It makes things a little easier when you realize that there are lots of other people who are going through the same situation.

    I'm going to college right now and my major is elementary education. I know that when I eventually become a teacher there will be lots of situations that would be considered unacceptable for a witness, so my concern is that they will try to come after me at this time...I guess maybe I'll just have to face that when the time comes.

    I hope everyone is right and they forget about us or at least just leave us alone.

    Thanks for listening.

  • wonderwoman77

    aChristian....just a thought for you, but what if you do not believe jesus christ is your lord?

  • Cygnus

    Thank you, Wonder Woman.

    I think Mike Satterly (aChristian) is an okay guy. I've known him for about 4 years. But he's not much different than a JW in this respect.

    Hey Satterly. Tell Jesus to shove it with a broomstick. Are you going to privately DF me now? LOL

  • aChristian

    Cyg and WW,

    If you will notice, I said, "If you still have your faith in Christ" ... "then tell every JW you know that He alone is "the way, THE TRUTH and the life," not any often mistaken, man made, religious organization."

    If she does not, then my advise is still basically the same. Stand up for what she believes in. Tell everyone the truth about "the truth" as she sees it and help set others free. She will probably be DFed anyway. So why not go out with style? And forever be proud of her exit. And maybe do some good along the way

    Cyg, "But he's not much different than a JW in this respect." What is that supposed to mean?

  • TR

    Drift away. Then, when you're over Brooklyn Bethel, bail out and let the plane crash into the GB's board room.


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"


    Hey achristen,Who are you,to call people cowards,if they do not leave the religion your way.What a load of crap!Say that around the wrong person and you`ll be doing a lot of business with the tooth fairy...OUTLAW

  • Kismet


    Then, when you're over Brooklyn Bethel, bail out and let the plane crash into the GB's board room.
    And this makes you different from Bin Laden how??

    yeah that type of comment tells us how much you have grown since leaving the JW's ..they want us dead and you want them dead. Oh can you feel the growth. {dripping sarcasm intended}

    Kismet - who has for years found this type of 'joke' to be in poor taste and very poor judgement especially since Septemeber 11th.

  • TR

    Kiss my ass Kismet, if you can't take a joke.[8>]


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • Kismet
    Do you think that it is better to be disassociated or disfellowshipped or do you think that drifting away is the best option

    The first two options may at first appear to be the better since it can 'mean closure' and bring a certain finality to things but at what cost?

    It all boils down to what is most important to you and what action would lead to the better results for you.

    There is another option I mentioned to DIM some time back. If you or he want to discuss it further feel free to write. (

    I wish you peace (that was what was missing for me as a JW).


  • aChristian


    She asked for "An Opinion." That was, in fact, the title of this thread. In my opinion "drifting away" is the cowards way out.

    I wrote that being disfellowshipped for apostasy is "a badge of honor many former cowards here like myself wish they now had chosen to wear."

    I have spoken to several exJWs who have told me they now consider themselves to be cowards for not leaving in a bolder way. I didn't want her to later have the same regret.

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