i now longer feel religious; is it ok to just be spiritual?

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  • journey-on

    Hi, peachburger. Welcome. So glad you arrived. My advice to you is to guard your spirituality like treasure. There are some who will attempt to take it away from you and try to poo-poo any spiritual perspective you present. You DO NOT have to be religious. As a matter of fact, imo, religion taints one's spirituality because it hinders the search. Religion is fine for some people, but, to me it is like the travel brochure as compared to the actual journey. Like you, I chose to drift away calmly rather than DA or DF so I, too, could stay close to family. It worked for me.


    Welcome to the forum peachburger. It is OK to feel or be anything you want.

    On this forum you are likely to get some eggs or even peaches thrown at you for sharing your ideas. This is because everyone here has different views and we huff and puff and debate in order to prove that we each have it right and inflate our egos.

    You will hear from religious people, atheists, agnostics and those who aren't too sure. I will watch your back for you and keep the lions and tigers at bay.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    Define 'spiritual'?

  • flipper

    PEACHBURGER- Welcome to the board ! Nice to have you here. I was in the witnesses for 44 years. Became inactive for good over 6 years ago. Spirituality is something a person finds within themselves - not necessarily any affiliation with organized religion. I find a deep sense of peace and spirituality in hiking in the woods in the mountains. Whe I see eagles and hawks soar, deer in meadows , running streams and beautiful peaks and mountains and lakes - I feel my sense of deep peace . I call it spirituality as it makes me think of the importance of life to treasure it, treasure my loved ones and true friends. That's what I take away from the experience. Whether it comes from a God or not isn't important to me- it comes from within myself and that's what counts

  • Etude


    I hope that if you don't find some answers here that you at least find some support and empathy. If you would like a pretty rubust discussion about Spirtuality, check out this thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/192437/1/can-spirituality-replace-religion.


  • peachburger

    thanks for everone's reply!!! this really helps me !

  • palmtree67

    Sorry I missed this earlier.

    Welcome, peachburger and hello from me!!

    You remind me of my children.......blessings to you, sweet one.

  • doofdaddy

    Religion tends to be about socialising with a group that has set beliefs about behaviour and worship, so most exjws tend to have a "once bitten twice shy" attitude to this practice.

    Spirituality is a broad church, so to speak but generally is based on the search for meaning, or at least an inner journey of self discovery. Personally, I have ultimately found that the spiritual search leads to repetitious behaviours, as we humans gain great comfort from habit and socialising with like minded people. This could be called religious practice.

    Enjoy the ride!!

  • streets76

    Why not just be human?

    No prerequisites; no questions asked; no programs to go through.

    And here's the real beauty -- you all ready are!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I can't really add to all the great advice given but I can add my own WELCOME!

    You're not alone.

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