What is the J.W. position on video games?

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  • notverylikely

    My little cartoon character with his tiny sword

    C'mon, you aren't REALLY taking about video games, are you? ;)

  • outlander

    Hah! What a laugh riot. I just got back online since posting last night and have to say thanks for all the comments. J.W's are totally lost and its also totally sad. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I started coming here because my sister, who lives upstairs from me, became a J.W. and I have been seeing first hand the personality changes taking place with her. Example: If anyone has seen the new FX show 'Justified' they know what it's about. While I had been putting the episodes on DVD and wanted to share them with her. She sat through perhaps 35 minutes of the first episode and then announced that she couldn't watch any more because it went against her moral principles. Same with video games. I have been playing The Last Remnant on PC and wanted her to check it out. No way, can't do that Immoral Content!!!!! Makes me sick, angry, and sad all at the same time.

    Hey NotVeryLikely. Actually I was talking about V. Games. Got bored with Remnant for a while and switched over to Eternal Blue on an emulator. Now in real life my character has a VERY large sword, and uses it well! Bah Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chickpea
    What is the J.W. position on video games?

    pretty much the same as it is for almost everything else

  • Poztate

    Where I live even the "Mario" type games were viewed with suspicion. There were after all wizards and ghosts in them...Shudder

    I did play chess with my Daughter for a short while but had to SNAP OFF the small cross that was on the Bishop on our cheap plastic set or else my Wife would not allow it.... Mind Control at it's finest..

  • Confuzzled

    I'm just struck by the sheer ballsy-ness to waltz into somebody's home and look through their belongings, visible or not! I bet they go through medicine cabinets too.

  • mrsjones5

    All of my jw friends on facebook play facebook games and I mean ALL of them.

  • Mythbuster

    I play World of Warcraft...the JW I talk to isn't happy about it. And, I'm an Undead Priest.

  • mindmelda

    I always have a lot more fun playing online games than I ever did going to the KingDumb Hell.

    I like World of Warcraft and Second Life, which are both online avatar games. Wow is just going around as a fantasy warrior killing shit, and Second Life is just going shopping, dancing and playing with your movable Barbie doll that you can make look anyway you like. I usually go clubbing and shopping with my friends on there...good on rainy boring nights when there's nothing on TV.

    Oh, and you can do kinky or the usual sexual stuff with your avatar in Second Life in the adult sections, but I haven't gone there...yet.

  • mindmelda

    I usually play a Paladin (a holy warrior priest with healing powers) or a Druid (a shapeshifting healing warrior who uses nature magic) on WoW. I like killing people and things with "holy light" or nature magic.

    It makes me feel like I'm giving the finger to WTS superstition when I do it.

    It's interesting that on WoW there's religion in their alternate earthlike world, but nothing much like Christianity except for humans who worship "the Light" which has no God, just a lot of gods and goddesses and heroes. But, the cathedrals and churches are very medieval era Catholic inspired, and they have bishops, priests, paladins, and such, but the religion itself is very pagan in feeling, with magic using and healing powers and such. There's one power a paladin gains which is called "The Archangel" where he or she is invincible for a minute, grows huge golden wings and just goes on a whacked out super powered inhumanly fast killing spree. LOL...Love that!

    The people who think of these games are kind of genius at pulling the powerful elements out of human myth to entertain us with, I think. And, it's a hell of alot more fun than real religion. LOL

  • blondie

    The July 15 WT has a study article that says that at the end, non-jws will turn on each other, having been conditioned to violence through video games. Several paragraphs was spent on this.

    As to chess, dgp, it was vilified back in the Bobby Fischer days. But nothing was said about checkers or GO or Battleships or Risk.

    *** g73 3/22 p. 14 Chess—What Kind of Game Is It? ***The


    Some chess players have recognized the harm that can result from playing the game. According to TheEncyclopædiaBritannica, the religious reformer “John Huss, . . . when in prison, deplored his having played at chess, whereby he had lost time and run the risk of being subject to violent passions.”

    The extreme fascination of chess can result in its consuming large amounts of one’s time and attention to the exclusion of more important matters, apparently a reason Huss regretted having played the game. Also, in playing it there is the danger of “stirring up competition with one another,” even developing hostility toward another, something the Bible warns Christians to avoid doing.

    Then, too, grown-ups may not consider it proper for children to play with war toys, or at games of a military nature. Is it consistent, then, that they play a game noted to be, in the opinion of some, an “intellectualized equivalent of the maneuvers enacted by little boys with toy soldiers”? What effect does playing chess really have upon one? Is it a wholesome effect?

    Surely chess is a fascinating game. But there are questions regarding it that are good for each one who plays chess to consider.

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