JW Pejorative Use of Words to Belittle Others

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  • blondie

    Don't forget "GOATS" (or goatish or goatlike)


    FALSE Christians


    PROFESSED Christians

  • Scully

    referring to themselves as True Christians™ - implying that everyone else's beliefs are false.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    We have or are in "The Truth."

    Within the ranks......that person is not "theocratic".

    Think About It

  • WTWizard

    I have heard all sorts of offensive terms being used by witlesses for worldly people. One speaker compared worldly people to urine (as in dog pee). Another used the same illustration but used the term "poison" instead. I have heard many times worldly people being called "pigs", "swine", and "dogs". And, once I was in field circus and the householder was Catholic and intended to stay that way. The pio-sneer called this person a "cat lick" behind their back.

  • maputo95

    Oops, I tripped up and below I'm trying to make clear what I meant below. However, initially and for 400 years there was no New Testament as we know it and the Old Testament was not printed and it was in the hands of leaders of the Church leaders who could read. The faithful were taught orally and this oral teaching has now remained oral or, in part, written down in epistles and gospels

    They seem to say the doctrines of oral church tradtion are ‘devilish’ but WHEN some of those oral traditions were written down in various books by the men of the very same church, and accepted as canon by councils of the church then the doctrines expounded within this canon are, according to Rutherford's men, suddenly inspired by God?”

  • peaches

    they are not "active"

  • rebel8

    so-called xians

    bird food

    walking dead




    weaker vessel

    independent thinking

    I think there are more in the Apostate Dictionary.

  • agonus

    "Bad Associations"... 'cause JWs are Useful Habits! (not that the WT has ever bothered to tell us just what the hell a "useful habit" IS...)

  • rebel8

    Sorry to hear you missed that lesson in the Youth book!

    Useful habits are...

    • Skipping all normal social rites of passage in childhood so you don't develop proper social skills
    • Substituting said social rites of passage for studying the bible while you're on the bus or eating lunch [so no normalcy seeps into your brain]
    • Assuring your clothing choices resemble FDLS attire at all times
    • Heeding the command to be joyful by walking around with a Stepford-like vacant smile
    • Developing career aspirations of graduating from high school early, skipping college, and becoming an entry-level worker with no employment skills
    • Playing bible games in your free time and pretending they're fun
    • Washing your shoes or emptying the trash if you feel an urge to touch yourself
    • Accepting the fact that women are inferior beings with smaller brains and treating them as such
    • Pretending you comprehend the ever-changing elaborate math problems used to calculate pyramid dimensions the end times
    • Enjoying your Saturday afternoons by cleaning the kh, with the B.O.-urine-cheap cleanser odor wafting around and Kingdumb Melodies playing in the background
    • Looking forward to the Social Event of the Year TM , the Memorial, where you get to listen to prayers and watch crackers be passed around [woo-hoo!]
  • ziddina

    "Blood Transfusion"... To normal people, the name of a typically-life-saving medical procedure...

    To a Jehovah's Witness, it is a "test of faith", or "Satan testing us..."

    Which brings me to another word - series of words: "Test, testing, to be tested..."

    To an engineer, something one does to the methods and materials used in a project... To a swimmer, a method of checking water temperature before taking the plunge... To a schoolchild, something that approaches the Jehovah's Witness' definition of "something from Satan"...

    Two words - "Bible Study"...

    To any other group professing the Christian faith, this means sitting down and actually STUDYING the Bible itself...

    Not so for Jehovah's Witnesses... This means reading WTBTS' literature with the occasional reference to a carefully excised Bible scripture...

    All I can think of, for now...

    Zid smiley angel devil

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