Oh boy! Don't even try to communicate with a JW relative. It don't work!

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  • outlander

    Seems like they are all like this: Example. Sitting around the picnic table outside I just happen to mention to my sister that I heard that the Watchtower org. has tons of money held in offshore accounts. Wham! She goes off like a bomb. Don't be saying negative things against my religion. I don't need to have your unfounded negative remarks directed at me. (By now she's up on her feet and heading for her car and yelling at the top of her lungs.) Thats all appostate lies and propaganda. You've been reading things at an appostate web site again. I love Jehovah's Organization, and the people in it are good and honest. I can leave my purse sitting anywhere and when I come back I know it will still be there! Slam, goes the car door and she's off in a cloud of dust. I'm really starting to hate these people. I have never in my life seen such narrowmindedness or group think. Are they all like that? I would like to hear from some others on your experiences in trying to communicate with them. It's as if there is an invisible wall around their brains or something.

  • dissed

    I don't think its always like that........


    They just have to be predisposed to listen......

  • looloo

    i agree , its so pointless, your sisters point about the purse rminded me of a sister who was talking to me in town one day about the fact that her purse had been pinched at an assemblyShe said "my mother said to me i should have beEn morE carefull becausea lot of worldly people attend assemblys ! " i was so insulted as i was an ex study ,therefore a "worldly person" i said "excuse me i would not have dreamed of stealing your purse ,and as we both know , there are jws who have done a lot worse than steal your purse ! (her underage sister had been raped by the same man that had raped my daughter ) so she still hadnt learned that not all jws are trustworthy , give up ! (sorry about the mistakes , im kneeling on the floor typing this at the desk , as i have a bad back )

  • cantleave

    Spending some time with my JW elder brother over the last couple of weeks has really opened my eyes as to how brainwashed they are.

    All "worldly" people are untrustworthy, all witnesses are great (the worst JW is better than the best person in the world). People who leave the "truth" are complete scum.

    I managed to hold my tongue and gave no indication that I haven't been to a meeting for weeks. but he made me so angry

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Agreed. I just spent the past 6 years trying to reach a cousin. Finally I broke it off just yesterday. Same kind of reaction when I called him out for his irresponsible behaviour. They can't see the real truth.


    Peace to you. These people wouldn't believe their ass was on fire if they had a fireman holding a hose on it.


  • dissed

    I did try and reach out to a second cousin who was DF'd. She seemed to really appreciate my effort, even knowing that we don't attend any more. She was very discouraged, having been cut off by her family and JW's.

    After a few emails, I suggested she check out JWN for some social support and she thanked me. But, she then cut off my FB account and doesn't respond to my emails. Even DF'd ones can be very close minded.

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  • serenitynow!

    "I can leave my purse sitting anywhere and when I come back I know it will still be there!"

    Boy, that's rich! As my JW mom can tell you, you can't leave your husband unattended at the KH, he will most definitely get stolen. Don't even get me started about people who thought their kids would be safe with nice brother closet pedophile! Your family member is living in La-La Land.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I just happen to mention to my sister that I heard that the Watchtower org. has tons of money held in offshore accounts.

    Never say anything to a JW that you don't have the paperwork for. What she did was entirely predictable and when you try the same on another family member, don't expect a different result.

    Better still, don't tell them anything, they are trained not to listen anyway. Just ask one question. Make it a good one. Make it one that they feel obligated to answer. Make it about a subject that is important to them, not one that is important to you.

    Welcome to our nightmare.


  • wannabefree

    It is true that I feel I can trust most if not all of the friends in the hall with valuables. But it drives me nuts when JW's think they have an exclusive on honesty. I have wtnessed plenty of acts of kindness by so-called "worldly" people that weren't motivated by hoping to be able to follow-up with a literature placement or a religious affiliation name drop.

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