Good news about my dad !

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  • Simon

    First off, many, many thanks for all the help & support over the last week or so. It has been a tremendous help. Apologies if I haven't replied to every email I'd had .

    My dad was moved to Calgary earlier in the week for some tests and it looked at one point like they would operate on his heart which he probably wasn't really upto.

    There was a slight complication because they nicked an artery in his leg while they were doing it so he had some internal bleeding for a while but it wasn't too major and they sorted it out.

    He was moved back to Lethbridge and has been given different medication and will have to take things easy and make some changes in his lifestyle (I can teach him how to be less active).

    The best news is he came home today - he had just got back when I rang which was a nice surprise!

    I am so relieved that the blood wasn't an immediate issue as it gives me time to present some of the information to him to try and ensure he doesn't make any 'mistake' over it.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing him again.

    Wohoo !!

  • mike047

    GREAT new about your father.

  • Billygoat

    What wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us updated. And how awesome is it that you've been given a bit of time to get your ammunition built up?

    ((((Simon and Ang)))))


  • libra_spirit

    That is really good news Simon.
    Give him a (((hug))) for me.
    My dad passed on a couple years back and I never hugged him enough.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    awesome simon!!!! i'm stoked for ya. ((((si and ang))))

    have a great trip!

  • Prisca


    That is fabulous news! I am so happy for you - and your Dad!!!

  • waiting
    waiting'll miss flying to Canada during the winter......

    But you can stay snug with Ang!!

    Congratulations to you and your dad.....all that worry - glad it turned out well.

    If your dad will accept it well, will you pass on our well wishes to him? We do wish him well, as he's part of our extended family now.

    Stay snug.


  • Ranchette

    Wonderful news Simon.
    I'm very happy for you!

    I liked this part of what you said,
    (I can teach him how to be less active).

    Do you mean physically, or spiritually less active as a Jw or both?

  • IslandWoman


    I am so glad to hear your good news.

    My Mom had a double by-pass a couple of years ago, we went through the blood thing etc. Her surgeon had no problem with the blood issue, he is the best in the area and has operated on many JWs. Then there was a second problem, my Mom's blood volume was low and since he could not prime the heart lung machine with blood that meant he could not use the machine because to prime it with saline or whatever they use would only serve to lower my Mom's blood count lower, too low.

    So, after a family conference, she herself decided to go ahead without blood and without the heart lung machine. She really needed a triple by-pass but the surgeon said that without the heart lung machine he was unwilling to risk that. So they did the double then later placed a stint in the third blood vessel.

    It is a very scary thing, having a parent in the hospital and at times feeling very much out of control!

    I am so happy for you, I hope many more happy years for you with your Dad!


  • Tatiana

    I'm so happy for you, Simon, and Ang.....let your dad know how much we care. {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs to you both}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

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