U.K. form for disfellowshipping

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  • Dogpatch

    Check out the form for disfellowshipping and disassociation, U.K. style. Disfellowship your neighbor, boss or whatever by filling out the form!

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  • Dogpatch

    Sorry to mention this is located at:

  • Simon

    Thanks Randy, that will be useful to follow up with Data Protection Act issues.

  • Mum

    It's interesting that the form asks if there had been "sufficient evidence." I wonder what the rules of evidence are? It also asks if there was a "confession." I would like to see definitions of these and other terms used on the form, as I have heard of two different cases of 13-year-old girls being disfellowshipped after "confessing" to having been raped. One of the cases is on disfellowshipped.com; and the other was by e-mail.

    It also struck me that, in the appeals portion, there is only one place to check "yes" or "no" as to whether the appeals committee agrees with the DF or DA. Then there are THREE signature lines. What's the use of having a committee of three, when only one response will be accepted? I just hate robot justice.

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  • ThiChi

    Thanks Randy:

    It would be interesting to read the “instructions” on the reverse side...........

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I am surprised that the elders are even capable of understanding this form let alone read it.


  • Patriot

    Why in the world would there be a check box for "deceased" on the bottom?

    Do the elders dig the old files out and open up sealed envelopes in order to update the fact that a disfellowshipped person has past away?

    If they're dead, what the hells the use of even keeping the file?

    Or do they Df people after they're dead?

    This org. never ceases to amaze me.


  • Simon

    It's interesting that the Disfelleowshipping and Dissasociation are obviously viewed as the same thing to them - the same form and no distinction made.

    If my form were filled in correctly, it should include:

    Did the individual DA himself? No
    Was the individual invited to meet with the committee? No
    Was the individual informed of the nature of the allegations? No

    Did the individual meet with the committee? No
    If no, did he explicitly decline to meet? No
    If no meeting with the individual was held, how many invitations were given or how many attempts to meet were made? None (was just asked if I'd like to go for a chat)
    At any point, did the individual confess to the committee? No

    Did the individual appeal your decision? Yes

    After they declared that I had DA'd myself in my absence with the reason being that I had refused to meet with the JC (which I was never invited to) I appealed and after a 3 hour meeting with 6 of them they upheld the decision that I was refusing to meet with them (go figure that one!).

    I think it's time to be a thorn in their side again

  • sadiejive

    Notice where it states:

    The Decision:
    k. Were SOCIETY guidelines followed in determining whether repentance existed?
    ...Shouldn't this read "Were BIBLICAL guidelines followed in determining whether repentance existed?"
    I guess we know who really runs the show!


  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    THis is nothing

    The B side (the instructions etc etc) are the main bit, they have information re child abuse, blue envelopes etc etc.What part of Bethel to send it to - the whole lot

    I guess they'll publish it when ready - its a stunner!!


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