Elders School 2010/11

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  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    Had some fun recently talking to an Elder I know and he mentioned about the Elders School he would be going to in December. You should have seen his face when I said I bet he was looking forward to the new Elders Manual that he would be getting.....he umm'd and arr'd for a bit ,then I just said I had a contact within the Branch. It took the wind out of his sail to think that a nobody like me knew so much........ Though if any one could get me a copy of the new manual I shall cross there palms with silver..

  • cantleave

    It will be on the internet soon enough Mr. Moody. It's the only thing I regret about stepping down - not getting the book to paste all over the net.

  • peaches

    good for you....

  • daringhart13

    I'm so glad I won't be teaching at the School this time around.

    Its a depressing couple of days.

  • Decided

    When I went back in the 60s, it lasted a month. We worked on the farm half of each day. It was in October and the trees were beautiful in upstate New York where the school was located. One of the brothers had flown an airplane from New Mexico and took some of us on a flight over the finger lakes on the week end. It was beautiful there. I can't remember the name of the place the farm was located but one of the NASCAR race tracks is near there. We could hear them racing on the track when we were out in service in the country.

    I enjoyed going. Can't remember any of the classes we took but remember working on the farm. We picked apples, grapes and harvested something out in the fields, I think it was potatoes. A tractor dug them up and we put them in bags. They made their own cheeze, had turkeys, cows, chickens and I don't remember what else they raised to feed the bethelites at Brooklyn.

    I met N. Knorr there and didn't like his attitude at all.

    I was a born in third generation JW. It used up half of my life but I have some good memories with my family back then.

    Ken P.

  • yknot

    Funny funny funny.....

    I should buy-out such an opportunity too!

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    New Book: It is like getting a silver star sticker at elementary school for your perfect attendance. Does not cost much to keep elders salvating like Pavlov's dog.

  • Heartofaboy

    Decided, can you elaborate on Knorr's attitude that didn't appeal to you?

    In the UK I only remember as a young child the hushed tone of the audience when he delivered a talk at one of the large assemblies...............I recall this was the highlight of the assembly & like it was Jehovah talking to us.

  • stillin

    decided, that was Kingdom Farm in Trumansburg, NY. You probably met some of my family there. The race track may have been Watkins Glen

  • Decided

    Stillin, Watkins Glen was the race track but the place I went to the school and worked on the farm wasn't Trumansburg. I think it started with an M. I will have to look it up on Google Earth.

    Ken P.

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