Contacting Stratton Ohio over major JW Dispute

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  • Intuit39

    Hi all,

    I agree: the letter is too wordy and antagonistic.

    Keep it brief and to the point. Let the city drop the case if they want to, but inform every household that they have the RIGHT to prevent future visits to their private home.

    I got a packet from CCI within the last couple of years, but never sent it out b/c it was so wordy and 'over the top.'


    "Kein Mensch muss mussen."

  • JT

    RunningMan says:

    "Do not call"


    and this does work- i know when we were leaving i would tell folks if you don't want jw coming to your door

    ask them to put your house on "LIST" and have them write down the address in front of you-

    as one guy told me the look on the jw face was like "How do you know about that list"

    i love it

  • worf

    I know who this came from. Tell them worf said this is excellent!
    It will be effective.

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