W. busy 'restoring dignity to the White House'

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  • Seeker
    Like I said I’m not really a political person myself, never even voted, not yet anyway; but I was wondering, specifically, what was the lie W told to the American people?

    A few days after 9/11, Bush spoke to the American people before a joint session of Congress. During his speech, he directly implicated Osama bin Laden, saying the evidence tying him to the hijackings was conclusive. In the week that followed that speech, four different, highly-placed cabinet and military leaders were quoted in an in-depth article as saying this was not true, that they did not yet have enough information to tie the hijackers to anyone.

    Since then, every time a new video surfaces, the Administration leaps to shout, "Aha! Finally proof!", even though they keep insisting they had conclusive proof long ago. Regardless, and no matter how much evidence has since surfaced implicating bin Laden, in his speech to the American people a few days after 9/11, Bush lied.

    When Clinton lied, it was about his private sex life, in a court of law. When Bush lied, it was about national security interests, to the American people before Congress.

  • TR

    Hey Seeker,

    I know this is just a technicality to you, but please provide the links/proof that W lied.



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  • nowaytess

    Clinton lied not about sex, but he obstucted justice. He was in the middle of a sexual harasment suit. If Clinton just told the truth at the beginning, it would not have gotton as far as he did. the American people would have forgiven him and moved on. Instead, he allowed it to drag out.

    What really angered me was the day after the deposition video was played for all the world to see he had the gall to do something so offensive I am surprised no one else picked up on it. The very next day was Saturday, the Sabbath. Clinton had the nerve in front of Jerusalem in front of a press conference, when aksed if he lied on that tape and he delared he did not lie! What a wicked ManBill Clinton is! Bill has nerve to lie about his affair in the Holy City on the Sabbath! When I heard him and saw the news coverage I wanted to spit at him in his face!

    What about Monica keeping a semen stained dress all that time? I think it was kida weird she did. Persoanlly Monica just could not keep her mouth shut and Bill admitted to it. Most men in President postion don't pick women like Monica for the sheer fact they can't keep their mouth shut. Bill in his stupidity choose a woman who could not be discreet. Most women who have afairs with Presidents are discreet and talk about it long after their lover has left the Whitehouse.

    Sadly, I voted for Clinton back in 1996. I just did not want the alternative at the time. Perot was not going to win and Dole to me was a front for Newt Ginrich.

    I agree with one point on this thread. No onei s prepared to handle such an awesome responibilty. These men are only human and can't be responsilbe for everything that goes wrong. I don't think George W ran Eron, but he is looking inot the 401 issue. Many whoinvested in 401K's now were devalued. For me I will be glad to see legsilation to protect our retirment savings though our 401Ks. A company going bankrupt is one thing, but a person loosing thier retirment is another story.

    I accualty changed from being a Democrat to a Republican. It had very little to with Clinton but I side more with Conservative principles.

    I had the chance to meet George W while he was in his campain swing here in Tampa. When you meet him, he is a very nice person. Very likeable. Jeb is just as nice and pleasent.

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  • freeman

    Seeker, Oh OK now I understand.

    I don’t blame anyone for thinking that was a lie. Yep that would seem to be a lie to most people, myself included if I didn’t know better. Don’t know if I want to say all this or not, but what the hell; it seems to be all over the press anyway. In this case Bush shot his big mouth off when he should not have and in my opinion, that’s much worse then a lie. The dope could have inadvertently damaged one aspect of our intelligence community by saying what he did. What am I getting at?

    On 9/11 and afterward, we had a few intercepts directly linking Bin Laden to the attacks. That is a fact but this is not info Bush should have even hinted about having, but obviously that is what he had in mind. Who the hell am I and how do I know all this? OK here we go...

    Well, I’m not part of the intelligence community, never have been, but I HAVE LECTURED AT THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, the part of the government that intercepted the communications directly Linking Bin laden to 9-11.

    I have had the FBI’s head of Covert Operations drinking coffee in my living room offering me a job with his agency (never took it, to risky). And some years ago I worked covertly monitoring bad guys for one agency of the federal government, had lunch with counterfeits, had long conversations with KGB operatives, (got a book coming out about this soon). A lot of what I was involved with made Headlines in the New York Times, the London Guardian, the Washington Post. Almost got my cover blown by two New York Times reporters. It was hard to keep my name out of it, but I pretty much did.

    I was privileged and trusted enough to test the security vulnerability of the Hubbell Space Telescope, many NASA related computers, the computers of every branch of the Justice Department, (with the exception of the FBI). I had the responsibility to make sure the bad guys could not get the files of the DEA, the Witness Protection Program, US Marshals service, INS etc. I authored the Security Administrators guide for the US Treasury currently in use at the Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol and Firearms. The former head of the Department Of Justice, the Attorney General knows who I am, and doesn’t like me, but that’s OK, I don’t like her either. That’s my background. Wow I did do a lot of stuff.

    Mostly I am not doing that type of security work or the spooky spy type stuff anymore, and as I said, I’m not now and never was officially part of the intelligence community, but I have helped out various agencies over the years, and still do when they ask, and as a result still have a lot of contacts that keep me informed about such matters. I’m not smarter or better then anyone, but my background has helped me see things from a unique perspective. Didn’t wish to post my resume here, it’s just that this is how I know what I know.

    Believe me, don’t believe me, don’t matter but what Bush did by saying what he said is not a lie, it is in fact worse; it was just plain stupid on his part. I would guess the high officials you mentioned saying the opposite of what Bush said were in fact the one’s lying to cover Bush’s big blonder. Hopefully in the future he will keep his cards close to the vest so to speak. I’ll cut him some slack because he is very new, but he better learn fast to keep his big mouth shut. “Loose lips sink ships!”

    PS: If you ever want some inside (and now unclassified) info on what a branch of the NSA did during the Gulf War to Sadams’ early warning radar, just ask. I love telling this story; we have the best high tech military in the world!


  • sf

    "PS: If you ever want some inside (and now unclassified) info on what a branch of the NSA did during the Gulf War to Sadams’ early warning radar, just ask. I love telling this story; we have the best high tech military in the world!"

    I'm asking.



  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum


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  • freeman

    Ok Skally,

    You asked so you got it. First some background info on the NSA.
    The National Security Agency is the most powerful and secretive of all the agencies that comprise what is called the intelligence community. They have a bigger budget then the CIA. They have an underground computer complex in Maryland that is measured in square miles. This is one of the super secure areas. I have never been in the really secure areas of their complex myself. One system they call “harvest” is nothing but rows and rows of computers that help screen the millions and millions of phone, cell, email and other communications they receive each day. It parses all these calls and looks for keywords, phrases etc. When something on the watch list is discovered, it puts that call in a queue for an intercept operator to look at. They have fleets of spy ships, scores of planes and large antenna arrays all over the world picking all this info up. They also work hand in hand with their British counterparts and jointly share info. Do you remember a few months back; that plane that crashed landed in China? That was one of their planes. Nothing but wall-to-wall listening devices in the belly of that plane. That is the main mission of this branch of the NSA; they have several branches.

    As an aside, the NSA is so paranoid about keeping their mouth shut and not giving away any secrets, that when they invited me to lecture at their headquarters, they would not tell me who they were. At first they told me they were “DOD”. I said DOD, they said yes. I said DOD where? DOD at Fort Mead, I said Fort Mead Maryland, they said yes, I said isn’t that the headquarters of the NSA? He paused, stammered and then said yes, we would like you to speak to our security-working group. I said sure, glad too, but really it’s no secret, everybody knows who you are. He said OK and then we settled on a date and time. Strange people these spooks.

    Another branch, the branch I was invited to lecture at deals mainly with computer security. They are responsible for defining computer and communication security standards for the federal government. They also have another lab within this part of the agency where they do really neat stuff. It was from this lab that special computer code, (call it a virus if you wish), was created.

    The virus was designed to infect certain computers in Baghdad, that were part of their early warning radar. The code was uploaded to the computer via a direct connection. No not some remote hack job like in the movies, the computers were infected via code placed in a (ROM) read only memory chip. As I understand it the chip was physically located in a printer connected to the computer. Normally data only flows from a computer to a printer, and not the other way around.

    These printers had what is known as flash programmable downloadable fonts. Code was changed in these chips and some of it was uploaded to the computers via what is known as a backdoor. The code stayed dormant until it received a signal sent by our planes during the bombing campaign.

    The way we got the altered printers into Sadam’s system is also kind of interesting. I’m no big fan of France myself (sorry) as they tend to be a pain in the ass to our military sometimes. But this time they really came through for us. Not sure of the brand or type of printers, but I know they came from France and the French intelligence working with our boys made sure the Iraqi’s left with the printers with the modified code.

    Anyway that is one of the reasons Baghdad was completely blind when we bombed them, and the other reason being our stealth planes are very hard to see on radar. So that’s the story. Don’t know any of this stuff first hand but my source has always been right before so I have no reason to doubt this. So do we kick ass or what!

    Hope you enjoyed it.


  • sf

    Thank you for the reply. And KEYwords.

    sKally, cable access documentary, fact-finding programs watcher(such as national security) klass


  • dubla


    As I said, politics as usual. W. is no better nor worse than the rest of them. Crooks the whole lot. Liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, whoever has bought into the system. W. is no different.
    true, thats why you just have to settle with the lesser of the evils (we do have to have a president, dont we?). there are always going to be lies, told or behind the scenes, we cant really cry about that. accepting it is part of being an american, unfortunately. at least we have the right man in office currently to deal with the terror crisis.


  • Seeker

    Thanks for the excellent comments that have been added to the thread. Some follow-up responses:

    1. I don't have a link to the information about Bush's speech as I read it offline. It was in a New Yorker article from sometime in October.

    2. That NSA information was interesting, though I have read about it all before in my searches. I did know about the intercepts of communication before 9/11. If they had only analyzed the data sooner, they would have had all the warning they needed. So the next time Congress tries to push through some unneeded new laws to "protect us" from terrorism, just remember they already had the info they needed ahead of time without any new laws.

    3. So was Bush's comment not a lie but a stupid blunder instead? Possibly Bush goofed and his men covered up for him by lying themselves. That I could not say with any degree of certainty, and I acknowledge that this is a possible explanation other than a direct lie.

    4. I do not think Bush is doing the best job during these times. As I have said in other threads, I'm horrified at the rush of new legistlation the conservatives have pushed through Congress in order to increase the powers of surveillance of the government at the expense of the rights of citizens. Other posters have articulated nicely their views that differ from mine on this subject, but that is my take on the subject.

    5. I don't agree that we pick the best man of a bad lot. I don't believe Presidents are in charge, and therefore I don't think it makes any fundamental difference who gets in. The PR masters and corporate interests call the shots, and nothing we do makes any difference except on a local level and in limited ways. Power corrupts. The higher up you go, the more universal the corruption. At the congressional and presidential level, it is almost a job requirement.

    6. My views are cynical, informed, and fully my own. Feel free to disagree completely.

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