W. busy 'restoring dignity to the White House'

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  • Lionel_P_Hartley
  • Seeker


    I'm with you. Political parties cause far more problems than they solve. They make people think in terms of picking sides, instead of picking what's right.

  • TR

    And this thread has WHAT to do with homosexuality?


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    W has restored dignity to the White House, it'll take years to get over that liberal, leftist, amoral schmuck Clinton. Seeker is just another knee jerk liberal looking for some gotcha thing on Bush. So far nothing illegal or unethical has been shown from Bush's dealings with Enron. Even most of the media says that. It's just the screaming lefties that are baying. Waxman! What a partisan, Marxist wacko he is!

  • SixofNine
    And this thread has WHAT to do with homosexuality?

    You gotta read between the lines TR. Take a look at IW post earlier:


    Thanks for the ...Lay...been a friend of Bush for years. When Gov. Bush... gave him access to....The Bush....roughly...

    Enron opened....the firm,...candi....Bush....right in...the... box.

    Since 1999, Enron and its executives have given more than....Bush ...and... GOP. Democrats got about a quart...

    Bush ass.....had unusual access to ...posts. Lay served on the Bush... Hebert later quit the...Dick .......a new....Lay.....was....granted

    Enron alumni also fill prominent slots in the Bush administration. The president's chief economic adviser, Larry Lindsey,...the top ....served.....Thomas White.....joining... the...post, White was forced to...Waxman...pressing Cheney...

    "There is a very intimate connection between Enron and the Bush...

    In the past,....Cheney....declined to turn over...After the Sept. 11 attacks, GAO said the effort to get Cheney's.... was no longer a priority.

  • outonalimb

    Is anyone really surprised by all this? This country has been run by big biz forever. It's the American Way. Back to reality folks. While the tragedy of Sept 11th did unite the *people* of this country, it did not *really* have any long term effect on the government, as far as partisinship(?) is concerned, it's back to biz as usual. Sad.

  • DazedAndConfused

    IMO, it doesn't matter who is put in the Whitehouse........we as imperfect people will always find fault. With the amount of responsibilities a person has in running a country you can't expect that someone will do the perfect thing all the time. I also believe that BEFORE a person goes into the Whitehouse they have no experience with the pressures they will face there, in effect going in with high hopes or wearing rose colored glasses. A person can only do the best they can. If you remember......the Son of God himself was rejected and killed because people didn't agree with him.

  • Julie

    No Island Woamn,my comments were directed at Sam Beli.

    Julie, will post links later

  • freeman

    You may be right, W may be as corrupt as the others however being raised within the confines of the American justice system, I have a strong tendency to think of people as innocent until proven guilty.

    Perhaps you know something I don’t know, you said “It's just a matter of time until we find out what else W. has done besides lying to the American people”.

    Like I said I’m not really a political person myself, never even voted, not yet anyway; but I was wondering, specifically, what was the lie W told to the American people? Not looking for a fight here, just wondering I really don’t know.


  • Seeker
    W has restored dignity to the White House, it'll take years to get over that liberal, leftist, amoral schmuck Clinton.

    W has already lied to the American people...just like Clinton. I suppose W hasn't yet screwed around on his wife the way Clinton did, but that would merely put him in the minority among conservative and liberal politicians for whom sexual flings is a job perk.

    As for your "liberal, leftist" comment, that just shows you have taken sides, so you are part of the problem.

    Seeker is just another knee jerk liberal looking for some gotcha thing on Bush.
    No, I am not. I think the liberals are as bad as the conservatives -- they are all in bed together, busy doing whatever the large corporate interests that fund them and the PR firms that hoodwink the American public want. I'm criticizing Bush because of the absurd partisan comments that he would be better than Clinton, and because he happens to be in office at the moment. Come 2004, when a new President takes over, we'll be treated to new, and fresh corruption, regardless of which party he comes from.

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