I did it.... :(

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  • flower


    yea it was open and frank but i think it wasnt the time to spill the beans yet. but oh well, whats done is done, right?

    you're right i dont plan on saying anything else for a while to my mom. i need to work on me right now.

    thanks for some great, encouraging and thought-provoking responses. you all are the best!


  • Pubsinger


    Thanks for that WT article.

    I'll try and get hold of it somehow.

    Can anyone scan and post it?

  • Carmel

    Welcome Flower. Your story of your discussion with your mother conjured up all kinds of flashbacks to when I had left home and every time I would stop by to visit, my mother would try her best to get me to return to the "truth". I tried one time to reason with her and like your mom, the grooves in the cranium from years of JW conditioning were too deep. Whenever I would expose a fallacy of logic to her she would just get mad. Of course back then there was no apostate sites, hell, there wasn't a computer!

    Anyway, I commend you for trying and hope that you will be able to show unconditional love to her, which I suspect you are already doing. Even if she never addresses the cognitive dissonance needed to swallow the borg line, you will have kept yours and her dignity intact.

    BTW, if that is your picture, you are one beauty, and I presume that cutie in front of you is your son! You are both a sight for sore eyes!



    Hope Waiting don't catch me flirting!!!

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