Anti-JW leaflet campaign

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  • freeborg


    Ok I understand now so it isnt a personal resemblance.

    Any ideas for my leaflet?

  • freeborg


    Your comments have been read and copied, I will use some of your excellent points.

    A little positive action can cause great harm, ripples can become waves.


  • Fredhall


    You don't want my opinion. If so, put this at the bottom of your leaflet. That is: "When you get do with this leaflet, wipe your ass with it."

  • Bang


    Let's go. I'd like to see them out of my region as well.

    For a start I'll copy (if that's ok) your post onto the Study Articles section so it won't be lost in the load of the Main section.

    This whole thing should be done well, with impact. The format for the intended recipients, who are they?, the layout, content, key issues, biblical at all? or not? etc. I'd really like to see this work. If necessary, any biblical refutation of WT 'bible knowledge' can be given short and sweet.
    Feel free to email me at

    Part of the ease of this is that if you're asked why by some JWs, and you tell them truthfully why, they start dividing up among themselves. In their own righteousness, they beat the others.

    I'll be waiting to see a post of what you have in mind.
    My own street is already 'saved' from listening to them.
    Have you considered other media?


    "Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature"

  • freeborg


    Your right every WTS publication should come in roll form so can be easily attached to the toilet roll holder.

    Whats good for the gander is good for the goose!

    Love your humour

  • Fredhall


    You ask for my opinion and I gave you it.

  • freeborg


    I have saved your email and will chat shortly, anything that will be done has to be short and sweet, catch attention. Yes it can go direct to active JW's, and we all know of well worked territory areas that leaflets can be sent direct to peoples homes.

    Ask for the leaflet to be kept handy for the next time a JW calls on your door.

    They want apostacy lets give it to them!

  • Blackcat

    Is the watchtower opposistion gathering pace in the UK?

    I recieved this following e-mail recently regarding exposing the Watchtower Society....

    Dear friends.

    This special request is going out to all the people who know us through our web site.

    Michael, a current Jehovah’s witnesses of 40 years who contacted me during last year is starting his campaign to help as many people as he can in the North East of England by mass mailing as many homes as possible, continuously, week after week. This is not a one off.

    The request is a simple one. Michael is paying for the printing plate to be made and paying for the first printing run of 3,000 leaflets, which are to be produced in A4 size and posted by hand. Joanne and I are then chipping in for the next run of a thousand and to continue we are looking for people to help by donating anything they can, be it a dollar or a pound or what ever.

    Every 1,000 A4 size leaflets after the initial run costs £15.00 or $30.00 and the more money we can raise, the more leaflets we can produce and the more homes and people we can reach. We will be posting them all by hand and a number of Michael's family have already offered to help with the massive posting job.

    If you would like to make a donation and contribute to helping people understand the false prophecies of the Watchtower Organisation that are brought to people's homes by the Jehovah's witnesses, please let me know by e-mail ASAP followed by sending what ever you wish to donate…to our POBOX address, which is:

    Paul Kevin. C/O The Kingdom Publishers Journal,

    P O Box 98, Burnham On Sea,

    Somerset, TA8 2BF,


    We can accept Pounds, Dollars, cheques or money orders. Photos will be taken showing the various stages of the printing and distribution and posted on my web site at a later date. Please help if you can.

    A printing company to rival the org ? Why not !!! AT LEAST WE MIGHT SEE SOME TRUTH FROM THIS ONE !!

  • Celtic

    If any of you require funding feel welcome to drop me a line.



  • Reborn2002

    Fred.. Ill make this short and sweet.

    Can you type one cohesive sentence without misspelling a word or completely mauling your sentence structure? After all your a genius cat who happens to read, type, and comprehend English. Surely you can manage to articulate your words properly.

    The true Kingdom of God is located in your heart, not an organization of hypocrites. for my new webpage and info!! Im trying to live now!!

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