To YoYo, what is "good"

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  • ianao

    YoYoMama: It's ALWAYS good to be OUT of a mind controlling cult.

  • seven006

    <<<Dave: They disfellowshipped you, that was good.>>>

    YoYo my friend,
    you know noting of my story or how I chose to leave the religion. The elders who were my friends called and pleaded with me for nine mounts to come back. It broke their hearts when I refused to come back. They were good friends of mine and there wasn't a single one of them that felt "good" about any of it.

    They were fellow humans as well as friends and I did not feel good upsetting them the way it did.

    Again you seem to not understand the concept of compassion and love.

    You are better than this YoYo, I know you are. Try showing your human side and not just your JW side. I miss my old friends and I know they miss me.

    Take care,


  • seven006

    Thanks for your comments guys, as I said, I do this because I like YoYo. I think he truly has a good heart.It's his head that seems to have the problem.

    Outlaw, I'll check out the site, thanks.


  • LB

    YoYo is going to come around eventually. He wouldn't be here if he didn't have doubts. Soon enough the simplistic "truths" of the society will just begin to break apart.

    Eventually he won't like the way he feels right now. He said it was good they DFed you Dave, well, I used to feel similar to that. It's a lousy way to be. I didn't like myself then.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • ISP

    Yoyo's time will come! When does the DA letter go out, Yoyo?


  • seven006

    Thanks LB,

    I use to think the same way. Now I think for myself. I think YoYo will continue to say he believes what he says he believes because of his self pride. Once a person gets over that then they can start to grow as a human. I think his mind belongs to the watchtower society but his heart belongs to humanity. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    If he stays in the religion for many years and one of his kids grow up and leaves the religion I think YoYo will see that blood is thicker than doctrine. If his child was DF'ed I don't think he'd turn his back on them for a second. Then he might stop lying to himself and think back to his short visit to this board. Only time will tell.

    Take care,

  • terafera

    At least I can post again! *whew*

    I lost my password and my email was shut down for a few days!! grrrr....


    Dave, can I just say you are AWESOME. You always put into words so eloquently and perfectly what I cannot. It is a true gift.. I love reading your posts!!!

    I also want to express my sincere doubts about what "YoYoMama" says he/she is. Maybe I am just naive or very innocent, but I have not met many elders or spiritual JW's who are so bitter or outright hateful. The post he/she made that

    Dave: They disfellowshipped you, that was good.
    doesn't sound like a spiritual shephard. I don't think elders should or do rejoice at disfellowshipping people.. from what I hear it is supposed to be a thing that elders hate doing.

    From reading YoYoMama's post, I get the feeling of someone that strongly has doubts of their religion and takes their anger out by hurling hate at others. After all.... if you were that confident in your beliefs, why keep coming here and attacking others? I leave others alone that I don't wish to associate with.

    I also know that when I was a 'strong' Witness I NEVER, EVER went to sites like this. It would have troubled my conscience greatly to read such things about my beliefs and I would have considered it betraying my brothers by going to these kind of sites.

    So something just doesnt add up...


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    Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.


  • seven006


    Thank you for your kind words.

    Think big picture here.

    Take care,


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