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  • seven006

    YoYo said:
    <<<I'm sorry I seemed like a jerk with my comments, but you have to understand that I too get pissed when Opposers of Jehovah's Witnesses throw out accusations left and right and never the see the good that we do.>>>

    The concept of "good" as seen through the eyes of a JW elder has been discussed numerous times on this board.
    I'm sure the "good" as you see it only comes from your personal perspective. Many of us have seen the "good" the elders have done through our own eyes.

    Your loving example of "good" is the showing of human traits not exclusive to the JW elder population that you are trying to present. Helping those in need, providing a hug or encouraging word to those suffering, or even something as simple as a smile of encouragement or a pat on the back. Those are human traits expressed and given out by anyone who understands the concept of human compassion for his fellow human. It is not exclusive to the JW's and their body of elders. I'm sure in common everyday situations the "human" part of you and your fellow elders comes into play just as it does with any non or exJW person.

    You and your fellow believers distort these basic human traits of love and compassion and try to convince each other that these concepts of being human are an exclusive to your own and should be exercised only within your own ranks.
    You look at all human kind outside of your religion as evil demon worshiping examples of the walking dead. You speak of the "good" elders do but you fail to explain to Danni that your concept of good has its limits and its borders.

    Telling your children that god is going to kill all their class mates is not "good."
    Telling your children that god hates everyone who is not a JW is not "good."
    Telling your children that if they do not believe what you tell them they will die is not "good."
    Telling your children that god will kill babies and old people who do not believe as you do is not "good."
    Telling your children that anyone who is not a JW is evil and worships a mythical devil is not "good."
    Telling your new bible studies that their children will die at Armageddon if they do not join your religion is not "good."

    Telling a person that their own flesh and blood does not deserve to receive any love or association with them because they do not agree with your teaching is not "good." Convincing someone that by not associating with their child or parent because "you" see it as a disciplinary action thus showing love is a twisted and distractive interpretation of love and it is not "good." Prying into peoples lives and trying to control everything from how they think and what they do in the privacy of their own homes is not "good." Encouraging young people to get married at an age where they know noting of how to be a proper husband or wife simply because you see it as a better alternative to premarital sex is not "good." Telling someone to let a loved one die instead of accepting proper medical treatment to save their life based on your leaders interpretation of an ancient book is not "good." Turning your backs on the entire earthly population and the suffering of others outside of your religion is not "good."

    I can go on and on.

    Now, Yo Yo, tell about the good you elders do.

    What you perceive as "good" is a narrow minded and self serving interpretation of what a few old men in New York feel is good in their eyes. Adolph Hitler had a similar concept he saw as "good." He too took care of his own people and loved them and told them how to think and feel. He too saw one single sect of people as having the right to control and eventually inherit the earth. He too told his young people to turn in their mothers and fathers for not agreeing with his concept of "good." The end justifies the means once again.

    You say it pisses you off when opposers of JW's throw accusations left and right and never see the good you do. In your narrow minded concept of life on this planet I have not seen one group of people who "throw accusations" as much as your religion. The only difference is we accuse you for what we "know you do" based on our personal and real life experiences with your religion. You throw accusations out regarding the whole entire earths population outside of your religion. You accuse all others of evil and hurtful actions without exception and without having a clue about anything else except what your leaders tell you we do and think. You pass judgment on all human kind to justify your leaders warped concept of humanity and you condemn life on this planet to fit your own belief.

    Just as Hitler and his henchmen reveled in the thought of the destruction of all Jews and the non white race of people you and your religious followers revel in the thought of the destruction of ALL human kind and the thought of inheriting the earth with only "your" kind. Your religion writes numerous books and publishes weekly magazines whipping all it's believes into a frenzy of exhilaration in the thought of all of us dyeing. Your buddy You Know salivates at the thought of birds eating our eyeballs out as they pick apart our dead carcasses.

    Your religion sees it's own interpretation of "good" as the complete annihilation of all human kind except for your immediate religious followers. This includes little old ladies who have loved god their entire life right down to a new born baby who has no concept of what god is or what religion is supposed to do in the concept of doing "good" on this planet.

    Just because you hug a few people in your congregation does not mean what you perceive to be "good" has even a remote relationship to what the rest of the world sees as "good."

    Try it again YoYo, I will be waiting. I only do this because I like you.

    Take care,


  • gilwarrior

    YoYo said "pissed"? Is that an acceptable way for a JW to talk? I don't think so?

  • Room 215
    Room 215


    Beautifully done! It's so intensely personalized that I almost feel intrusive in interjecting my compliments. Yo Yo, take heed.

  • WildHorses


    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Instead of just talking about all the good that they do
    Why not list all the "above & beyond" things that set your group APART from ALL others of this world who perform "good" deeds. This way we will know you are "more" Christ-like than any other group on the planet.
    Please take all the space you need.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Oh yoyo
    one thing
    saying the truth[tm] is the truth doesn't count.

  • moman

    seven0006, excellent post, sez it all!
    I can think of very little to add except, the fact that they always blame the followers for all their screw-ups. DAMN COWARDS!


    Hey Dave,what an excellent post.It truly shines a light into the WBTS pit of darkness and deception.We are blessed to have guys like you on the board.......Dave,check out TR`s new thread"god,I`m in love" it is a link to Enya`s music,it is beautiful.It sounds like music played by angels in heaven...OUTLAW

  • YoYoMama

    Dave: They disfellowshipped you, that was good.


    Hey yo-yo,Dave won`t protect pediphiles.You follow WBTS rules,you will.They tossed Dave out and kept you.You are as guilty as the child molesters you protect!You dig your own grave a mouthful at a time.LIVE WITH IT!...OUTLAW

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