I can't get it up...what do I do!

by gilwarrior 21 Replies latest social relationships

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hmm i dunno if outlaw's comment or syn's is funnier... *shrug*

  • DazedAndConfused

    gil, this is a very normal thing a man goes through sometimes. Nothing to be embarrassed about. A few things that came to my mind as to possible causes are:

    Too much coffee
    Like someone else mentioned, medication

    I'm sure there are more but they are aluding me right now. If I were you I would see if any of the things I mentioned may be the cause, if not go to your Dr and see what s/he says. Viagra is a wonderful drug. Personally I think they (the pharmaceutical companies) got 2 names mixed up with their drugs. I think it should be called Celebrex instead of the other one!!!! LOL

  • LoneWolf

    gilwarrior --- Not to worry. Such things happen to all, and are usually temporary. You mentioned nervousness, and that indeed will deflate most of them.

    Yes, it helps tremendously to have someone you know and trust, and is willing. That will work when most everything else fails. More education as Mindchild advises is an excellent suggestion, too.

    Sometimes it is from a physical cause or even some diseases such as diabetes. Usually a visit to the doctor can aleve the problem.

    If all else fails, though, come on over to my place. My honeybees will make it big in no time.


  • gilwarrior

    Yup, it is stress and mediation

  • tyydyy

    Dude, don't worry about it I use that excuse all the time. Get more BJ's that way!
    Make 'em work for it, man.


  • butalbee

    Ever try foreplay? You know there's other parts of the body potentially arrousing, than just your penis. Explore every inch of each other with your hands or your mouths or.......I love foreplay.

  • Tatiana

    Tim, you are soooo terrible!!! Bad, bad boy!

    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

  • SYN

    Butalbee: Of course I do! Keeps me going for hours & hours...I swear. I used to have an ivory one, but it was too small, now I just have a hard (hehe) rubber one. See, once the blood gets in there, it'll stay there for ages, even if you're not horny anymore. Women appreciate a man who can keep an erection for several hours, believe me!

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  • LB

    Foreplay will usually do it, but, if you have a case of the nerves, forget it. So you tell yourself to relax, and the nerves get worse. You're thinking too much buddy. I had this happen to me with one woman many years ago. I so wanted to impress her, than I did the opposite. So rather than having her bang on my door to get in, she couldn't wait to break the door getting out. That helped.

    Falling in love helps, but if you're nervous, nothing helps. Talk to your friend about it somemore. I'm sure she would love to help.

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  • picosito

    With me it always was ultimately self-consciousness, which causes performance anxiety, which causes softness. Even when I was young. If I had had Viagra back then my life would surely have taken a different course than it did. A girl I liked very deeply got really pissed when I could not keep it up during oral sex, and left me. If I had satisfied her I may not have ended up marrying a girl that got interested in JW's, which affected the next 25 years of my life. But it had nothing to do with the first girl at all, just my performance anxiety. But she took it personal.

    Now the Viagra makes all the difference. You can experiment with different doses: 25, 50, 100mg (cut 50 in half for 25's; and 100 in half is cheaper that 2-50's). They last different times, depending on whether you've drunk any alcohol. Shop online for sites that sell it to you without a prescription. A 50 or 100mg makes you as stiff as a telephone pole and it can last from 1/2 hour to 1 hour or more. I found that the stiffness itself feels really good to ME, and thus gives me much confidence in my performance, and I don't have to worry if it's going to let me down by suddenly going soft. A glass of wine before sex can reduce premature ejaculation while not affecting the Viagra. But don't drink much more than that, because too much alcohol can start to affect the efficiency of the Viagra. I live in Del Rio, Texas, on the Mexican border. Viagra in Mexico costs about the same, but you just can't bring back so much at a time that Customs thinks you're selling the stuff. A few boxes and no sweat. The customs officers (both male and female) look at your Viagra purchase with a knowing glint in their eye. I hope this helps.


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