how to sue the WTBS?

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  • Naeblis

    You can't sue a religion for being wrong about doctrine. What next?? I can just see some wise ass 9 year old suing his parents when he finds out Santa isn't real. Religion's are protected by some pretty powerful law. Unless you find a few hundred million in a bag somewhere you wouldn't even be able to get this to a courtroom. Find a more useful hobby, like the guitar!!

  • Stephanus

    Naeb's right, just because they were wrong isn't the basis of a legal action. I wanted to do something similar years ago when I came out of my own cultic abuse cycle. An acquaintance who knew something of the law suggested that about the only way it'd see the light of day was perhaps to approach the Human Rights Commission. But there'd always be the fact that I submitted to the crap that was laid on me to impede any such action...

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    What about children suing because their parents were taken advantage of and seduced into willing their inheritance to a printing company that also happens to be a legal corporation so that they could get to a heavenlike place and help others get there too?

  • Naeblis

    Easy to say. Impossible to prove. You sayiing it's a printing company does not change the reality that the government views it as a religion.

  • avengers

    I have been saying this all along.
    The way to get to terrorists is to cut off their finances.
    The GB of the JW's are mental terrorists of the worst kind.
    If anybody can find a way to sue the WT and win, then many will follow.This would surely be the downfall of the WT. Hooraaaaayy!!!
    The question is: How?

  • libra_spirit

    Maybe defamation of character, or liable against the DFed.
    Or wrongful death from denial of a blood transfusion.
    Defamation of character if you could prove that you are being personally called unclean, or evil, under the direction of the Org. Thats why they won't put anything in writing anymore.

    I feel that the Org is causing pain on the social level.
    Setting the stage for suicides of the DFed. Abandoning those in thier hour of need. Covering up violations of the law to free themselves from reproach.
    Using brainwashing tactics to make people feel helpless and worthless without them. Psycologically holding people in its control, munipulating them through fear.

    Is this anything a coven of witches might also do? Is it legal?

    Freedom of religion is one of the basic things this country was founded upon. If it could be shown that converts no longer have this freedom because of brainwashing techniques so effective they are willing to do anything for thier church without regard to life, limb, or property, possibly you may get noticed.
    5 hours a week of repeatitive programming, untill you just simply believe what you are hearing and saying.

    Could we get their books audited somehow? Do they pay any tax?

    Religion is truly a "racket and a snare!"

    At what point of craziness does a Religion loose it's standing as a Religion? When it puts it's members under pressure to die rather then take blood? Christian Science will have to go next, they are much worse on this one.
    When it shields pedophiles? The Catholic Church will have to go also.
    When it makes crazy prophecies? The Adventists will have to go too
    even Pat Robertson got in on this.
    When it kicks people out for smoking? The Mormons are out the door.

    Just what makes the JW's worse then all these others?

    Isn't it Religion peroid that needs to be re thought?
    Should Religion be free in this country?
    Why are all the people in this country so needy of religion?
    What is it giving them?

    I think we need to clasify Religions into two groups.
    In a closed system of Religion, everyone who is outside them is condimned by them and therefore not loved. They take authority to Judge others, Shunn others, and defame the character of those who leave. They inflict punishments on thier members.
    In an open system of Religion, everyone who is outside them is welcomed by them, accepted as they are, loved and not judged. They allow freedom of choice and no punishments are administered to members.
    The Unitiarians are an example. All Spiritual paths are acknowledged only up to the point where they start to judge others.

    All the closed systems of Religion should be given a time peroid to change thier basic doctrines to include the notion that "all men are equal" and become open systems. If they do not conform to this within the peroid they should loose thier standing as Religions and be classified as dangerous cults, because of thier basic desire to devide all mankind rather then unite it.

    No religion should be making decisions of a personal nature for it's followers. Political, medical, social, educational, or any other secular decisions, and inforcing them through punishment. The function of religion is to connect people with the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Eck, Light and Sound, Universal mind, whatever you wish to call it, but it is up to the individual to change himself from within or the Spirit to change him. It is between him and God from there on. The churches function is not to act as police, thought police, sensors, brainwashers, or punishers for God. When the Church takes on the roll of "enforcer of punishment" it has overstepped it's legal boundaries and seperation of church and state. Only the state should be punishing moral wrongdoing, this is not the proper function of Church. It puts the church leaders in a seductive position of power over others lives, and leads only to suicides and the like. JW's shunning is one of the worst examples of abuse of this power, where here we have men that are not annointed in the Holy Spirit actually judging others they are in power over. However thier are other churches doing this in a very corrupt way as well.

    When ever you put men in charge of others and make them accountable to no one, judging without having to provide a written record or any actual proof of the proceedings or the offense, administering the punishment verbally, you will have a corrupt system in place.

    They need to have thier power taken away, because it has been abused for much too long a peroid of time and taken a devestating toll on thier subjects.

    The churches need to be forced to give up all power of reproof and punishment. The Bible even states that this is Gods job in the aspect of faith. This is governments job in the physical world.

    I think these are pretty radical ideas, do you think they would make the world a better place? A place where Osama couldn't find anyone to follow him, and the JW's couldn't get anyone to knock on doors.

  • JWD

    I think years of un-paid labor which generated income for the
    organization could be a basis for a suit.

  • Englishman

    What is a "Class-action"?


    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • umtiger

    Hmmmmm,. sue them,. lets see,. in a Court of law!!!??

    Somebody said they'd been in 40 plus years and only knew of 1 who tried and never got to square one.

    Then a class action lawsuit was brought up, interesting,. might take millions,. maybe just as many in body bags just to get some attention, but like orangefatcat said what lawyer in his mind would take on such a task.

    Breech of contract,. naaa won't fly.

    Then was mentioned,.. the orgs 'Achilles Heal' is how much they run the religion like a business enterprise,. true true true,. but no Jury wouldn't think all we wanted was money,. as might be the case fer me and some others, BUT that'll never make it thru the appeals at all. .Time wasted and lots of money. Then the elders culpability was questioned,...Ignorant, pompous bastards that they are will never feel the crunch, not gud enuff.

    You can't sue a religion for being wrong about doctrine, was said... with the focus today on religious fervor such as the Taliban and in recent years the Scientologist fiasco, Waco etc. etc. there just might a way to tunnel into the mindset of peeps today taking this perspective. The general population is concerned about doomsday type predictions in religion,.. IT IS A FACT. And we all know what is taught behind closed doors.... long after the honeymoon (bible study) is over YOU DIE, WE LIVE,.... (oh so happily).

    But still is that the best way,... or court?

    Human Rights was then brought up,. aAHaaaaa,. lemme think.. Humans,.. rights,.... Life,...

    The general population is concerned about doomsday type predictions in religion,.. HUMANS,.. RIGHTS,. and RIGHTS to LIFE,. LIFE as THEY know it,.. Not as JW's know it.
    They will never KNOW how hard it was to live thru a young ones life as one of Jehovah's Witnesses,. we DO, we lived it, WE were there,or some,if not most. SO were they, so some of them WILL relate, and remember. Even feel sorry for "us" as they did back in 6th grade wondering why we couldn't have that cake or had to go out of the classroom during the pledge of allegience, or dressed like we did, or never knew what was on Saturday morning cartoons. Wondering why we were in their neighborhood that early Saturday morning and not playing, watching cartoons, or wrestling, or riding dirtbikes on the trails or at baseball practice and or games.

    Here is where it gets POWERFUL,. and NOW is a prime TIME people.
    These People will remember, and we CAN strike a chord!!
    BUT WHERE???

    In the COURT OF LAW, NO!

    In the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION!!!,... beat the society at is own game!!!
    Get the werd OUT!! How do we do this???

    Me thinks a book, I have been reading and reading on thes site and a few others for quite some time now and I cannot believe how many people there are out there that have so so so many similiar stories!!!

    I actually stayed awake literally all night long one night thinking about some of the stuff that I had read on here and about my life and the shit I had been thru, and thought to myself,. (WE) these people need to be heard,.. not to mention my own story..... OMG (oh My God),. I couldn't even begin to put my story on even one of the threads it would take a week!!! I have however started writing about it and it is up to 12 pages so far, then I think of this and think of that and it is just mind boggling trying to comprehend all of the lives affected by the Organization we used to call the society,... the truth, the place so many lives have been lost to. OKAY so back to the point!!

    We need to put a book together,. A book of lives lost,. a chapter can cover your life,. The losses, the degradation, the lack of acceptance, of love, of a promise to never come, of parents that never speak to you, of lifelong friends never to be heard from ever again.

    This is not to even mention what we suffered on an even more intimate level at the hands of some of the oh so faithful brothers who touched those of us on an even more personally uninvited, unwelcome, way.

    Name this book NOW……………

    It’s a NY Bestseller,.. split up the profits,…… shine the light,...expose the “Truth” , Win first and foremost in the court of public opinion!!!

    Lives Lost, Lives Regained,..True stories of Jehovah's Witnesses

    No lawsuit will stand against the “Society”,… but a court of public opinion will WIN in a heartbeat.
    Sue in the court of public opinion!


    All That Could Never Be Said
    All That Could Never Be Done
    Will Wait for Us At Last,
    Somewhere Behind The Sun

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Isn't there some way to separate the WT org CORP ??
    Aren't they always keeping the legal away from the spiritual?
    separate spiritual part of religion from practical side.

    If a religion was great but had 1 quirk which was (insert something against ceasars law) would it be OK to do?
    So many of these practices - emotional abuse etc are not part of a religion. Is that all a husband needs to say when the cops show up - Its part of my religion?

    Didn't someone just have their kids taken away?
    I think the public court is the way to start.
    Books, TV interviews, talk shows,
    like Danni the cop says her partner couldn't believe it.

    I remember when I first started to tell these things to my brother who was totally unaware. He couldn't stop saying "You're kidding right!" "No way" "People don't actually believe this" "No way, you're kidding.....
    pacing, utterly dumbfounded.
    Most of the public would be.... Can you imagine the look on Oprah's face?

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