Do you feel that suicide is wrong?

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    Suicide is taking the life of someone who may be dear to others. In such a case the pain and shock can cause great suffering to those who were close and are left behind. I have known a number of suicides over the years and the loss to the parents is inestimable. Also a father who takes his own life often leaves behind a wife and children who have to live with their loss.

    I understand the pain that suicide causes. I have had people near and dear to me, take that path. The most recent one ws my husbands best friend about a year ago. I've known this person since he was in grade school, and he was anything but selfish. A more giving, kind, unselfish man you will never meet.

    There was a time when I was suicidal. I knew that suicide would hurt my family but I thought that my existance caused them even more pain. I felt like a complete burdon and not worthy of taking up space. I was certain that everyone I loved would be better off without me.

    So no, I don't think suicide is selfish. I also don't think mental disease is selfish, and I don't believe bi-polar people are selfish, and I also don't believe that schizophrenics are selfish.

    People don't off themselves because one day they decide to think only of themselves. They reach that point very slowly and painfully.


    The question this thread asks is if suicide is wrong. I do not believe it is wrong. To be selfish means to put our need above the need of another. If someone wants us to live and we chose to die, then we are putting our need above theirs, hence we are being selfish. Our pain will end while causing great pain to others left behind.

    But it is not wrong, in my book, to be selfish. I said earlier: "Suicide is a selfish act but then continuing to fight for survival on an over crowded planet could be considered selfish."

    I don't blame people for being selfish in the way they live or the way they die. The only creatures left alive on earth are the creatures and species who were the most successful in being selfish, so they survived while other perished and often got eaten.


    Suicide has been described as the sincerest form of self-criticism.

    There are so many grey areas to this. Some random thoughts...

    A young woman in our territory attempted suicide by jumping out of a window - she only succeeded in leaving herself paralysed from the neck down, unable to talk, partially blind and the list goes on. Her mum now says she's very happy and glad to have survived, but if that is true wouldn't life have been so much happier for her had she still had her health?

    It does cause terrible pain for people left behind, but on rare occasions - that is the purpose.

    Assisted suicide has public support in the UK and judges have been instructed to take into account the motives of those assisting suicide and not prosecute if they were just carrying out the wishes of the dying patient. I personally would prefer to end my life at a moment of my choosing rather than suffer to the end from some painful illness.

    Is it wrong? Motives & method are important. Committing suicide if 10 years later you wouldn't do so for the same reasons is wrong - or perhaps poor decision making. Dying from refusal of a blood transfusion - that's suicide and that's wrong. Definitely wrong to jump in front of a train requiring people to pick up their body parts and make thousands of people late for work - that's plain selfish.


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