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  • JAVA

    I picked up the 1/8/02 issue of the Awake! in the waiting area while my car was being serviced yesterday. When I see harmful literature in places like that, I follow the Society's instructions and I hurl them in the trash. However, this issue caught my eye because it's entitled: "Courage in the Face of Disaster--The Day the Twin Towers Collapsed."

    I wonder if the readers know what the Watchtower Society did shortly after the Twin Towers collapsed? It's been reported they locked down the Brooklyn factory in order to keep people out! I'm gratified many New Yorkers showed "courage" during and after the terrorist attack on helpless people. The Watchtower Society showed no "courage," but instead a calloused disregard for others during a time of need.

    I guess one can't expect more from an organization praying for the murder of 6 billion people. While some JW firefighters became heroes in this event, the Watchtower Society demonstrates that cowards have no compunction in their actions.

  • mikelites

    Hi java I ve heard that the response from Bethel was "Less than Helpful"but my mother will keep telling me that they were "Angels of mercy" where can I get hard evidence that they shut the doors , etc, even sending people out to clear up pieces of bloodied paper floating down to the pavement (sorry sidewalk)?!!!

    "Isn't life terrible thank God"

    (Top Welsh Bloke!!)

  • Patriot

    Thank Jav for the post.

    Is it just me or is it hard to believe that one can actually be a firefighter with responsabilities and be in good standing in the cong.?

    I dont know if views have laxed since I was in but I know that even today in my old Cong. that would not be looked upon as a career that a "mature Jw" would accept.

    The reason being that the WT stresses that jobs or even "adventures" such as bungee jumping, hard roller coaster riding, or parachuting that puts your life in constant danger are not for "Christians".

    They claim that if you do participate in these things or jobs, you don't value your life thus demonstrating your lack of good judgement. In other words you wont be used to fill needs in the Cong. because you're not a "good example". And if your some type of peace officer with a weapon and you just happen to need it one day and kill someone, then you'll be Df'd.

    It just seems odd that NYtele yesterday said that there is a firefighter who serves as an elder in his Cong. who had a few experiences from GZ. If thats true, then way to go!

    Again, I don't know if that view has changed (like most everything the WT does) but it certainly was that way a few years ago.


  • Belligerent Paladin
    Belligerent Paladin

    - Patriot "Is it just me or is it hard to believe that one can actually be a firefighter with responsabilities and be in good standing in the cong.?"

    I don't remember it ever being any different. In the 70's, there was a firefighter in the congregation and nobody looked down on him because of that. He actually refused appointments to be a MS because he didn't want the responsibility.

    There is another elder in the neighboring congregation who is a firefighter, has been for years. There is another elder in a nearby city who was training to be a firefighter and is now an ambulance driver instead.

    Maybe it was the area you were in. (Or maybe it's because I'm in Podunk, Idaho.)

    The Belligerent Paladin

  • Cygnus


    Beats me whether the Witness reports or the opposers' reports are true or not. I have heard both sides give two completely different stories.

    I honestly wouldn't blame the Witnesses for shutting the doors for a while. At the time nobody knew what was going on, or who might be responsible or take advantage of the situation.


    I only knew of one baptized brother who joined the firefighting ranks of his community. My initial reaction (and I grew up in the JW faith) was of surprise. I was always trained to believe that such vocations were extremely frowned upon. Not a DFing offense, mind you. But would it not be finer for a brother to spend his time saving lives in a permanent fashion whilst engaged in the field ministry?

  • Stephanus

    Firefighting is actually the ideal career for a Dub, believe it or not. Here in Oz, you do 4 shifts of 12 hours each over 4 days and then have 4 days off; can you see how that situation would be seen as a good thing by the Dubs. Not only that, but the time spent at the Fire Station can be used quite profitably. You can only do so much maintaining and cleaning of equipment and paperwork in a 12 hour period, so many firefighters use the lulls to pursue other things. Many have gotten themselves University degrees by correspondence; studying while waiting for callouts! As for dangerous, only on certain types of jobs, and they aren't that often.

  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    In Clearwater, Florida, just about every brother there was a firefighter. It was no big deal from what I can remember.

  • Cygnus


    You sure you aren't thinking of the $cientologists? ;-)

  • jschwehm

    I grew up in a rural area in Southern Louisiana. My grandfather who converted to the JWs later in life got active in helping set up the volunteer fire dept in the community. He got all kinds of heat from the congregation for doing that. I think he even took it up with the CO who, if I am not mistaken, basically said that he should not be in charge of it (which the people of the community wanted him to do) but that he could help out if it did not take too much time away from preaching.

    Later grandfather took on a local chemical company for putting chemicals in the local water way. He went to the county gov't and complained and helped others to get involved. My parents hated that he was doing that...but my grandfather would bring Watchtower magazines and place them at the public gov't meetings. I still do not know how my grandfather got away with all of that. But then again...he gave tons of money to the congregation.

    Jeff S.

  • ISP


    You sure that there wasn't so many JWs wanting to help that they just had to shut the doors so that the crowd wouldn't interfere with the official rescue!


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