How do you make a JW vanish?

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  • Cygnus

    Lionel! Such language unbecoming of a Christian!

    If a JW doesn't get the inconsistencies and outright poor logic inherent in the blood policy after 10 minutes, he never will.

    When I was still a Loyal Dub I presented 7 questions to the highest ranking HLC member here in western New York. He worked in a blood bank for 20 years before becoming a Witness. He was clueless. You think you're going to change Trisha's mind?

    Sometimes I really think apostates only badger faithful Witnesses to reinforce in their own minds that the Society is wrong.

  • libra_spirit

    What is the doctrines of the JW's are wrong? Your child would have missed out on a lifetime of love and expierence?
    How can you possible know if they are right, if you are not Annointed in the Holy Spirit? Is this not blind faith?
    What would your heart tell you to do?
    Would you be motivated by guilt?

    How can you believe a Loving God would demand you sacrifice your child? This is paramount to pegans sacrificing thier children, nothing less then child sacrifice.
    You bet blood is sacred, it can save lives, this is very sacred.

  • nytelecom1

    ok......what did i miss??..wait let me see.

    "shut the fuck up"??????......and i continue to wonder
    why JW's wont talk to antis.......

  • SixofNine

    Shimmer, your post leaves me confused.

    And how do you know that the people in this discussion are better than her.
    hhmmm, I guess I can only go on their words and her words. Not, of course, as to whether they are "better" than her, as you put it, but rather as to whether or not:
    The people in this discussion are more researched than you. They are more sincere than you. They love truth more than you. They are smarter than you, and, I daresay, they love people more than you.

    When they were witnesses, they gave better answers to defend their faith than you do.

    Pretty convincing I'd say, if you look at Lionel P Hartley's words as oposed to trisha's. What I find especially fascinating about this is that when I was a witness, I was certainly more well spoken and researched than trisha, but had I run into Mr. Lionel P Hartley, I would have known to shut the fuck up and listen. Or run. And in fact, I did. When I quit running and started listening, I learned.

    People come to different realizations at different times in their life, but that doesn't mean they are not as researched, not as sincere....etc.
    ??? What? That is exactly what it means, especially on things that can be prove right or wrong, such as this issue.

    And btw, Shimmer, just between you me and the GB, even if you don't agree that everyone can come to the conclusion that the societies view on blood is "wrong", you can certainly see the value in giving people all the relevant information, and then sitting back and, as I like to say, "shutting the fuck up" and letting people decide for themselves whether or not God wants them to sacrifice their own or their children's life for the symbol of life mentioned vaguely in the bible.

    She believes what she believes because that is what she needs to believe at this point in her life.
    By what logic do you come to that conclusion? I submit without reservation that NO human on this planet "needs" to believe the JW doctrine on blood.

    What am I missing here? At what point in ones life does anyone "need" to believe such a thing?

    And when or if she decides that these beliefs are not for her, that is when her thinking will change. But only she will know when that time comes.
    Romans 10:14

    I just wish people on this board would understand that there are two sides to every coin,
    I certainly understand that concept, but I am in no way comfortable comparing life and death issues to a coin toss.
    and at one point you used to be on that other side or you wouldn't be here.
    Yes. Again, I listened, I learned. trisha can do the same. I will not pretend to respect her if instead she blathers on with her unresearched "feelings" instead of researched logic. If she is at all sincere, a few harsh words from me will only intensify her search for truth.
  • ISP

    Hey Yoyo et al,

    Why is there a prohibition on plasma? Its made up of fractions but 95% water. Fractions are OK and I guess water is also...together you can't have them! Oops care to explain why?


  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    You're joking, right? You don't seriously think that the people on this thread who are arguing the contra JW position have doubts about the correctness of their arguments, do you? It's more about trying to cause a few JWs - if only lurkers - to think for themselves.


  • nytelecom1

    now now lionel know us dubs dont
    think for ourselves......or else all your
    cult b.s falls apart

  • ianao

    Exactly why cult victims remain in the cult. They are oblivious to their danger.

  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    Thankfully I don't believe we've had the pleasure before. If you think that the JW responses on this thread - including your own stellar contributions - have anything to do with "thought" then, that at least explains one thing that's been puzzling me - why the telecoms are in the shitter if they're manned by apes like thee.



  • Scully

    AlanF writes:

    Again, what scriptures back up the Society's separation of blood into "allowed" and "disallowed" components?

    The very idea of separating blood into 'good' and 'bad' components is ludicrous, in and of itself. It's laughable that the WTS says that a person cannot receive white blood cells from another person to save their life, while at the same time they promote breastfeeding. Now, I myself am an advocate for breastfeeding, but the WTS conveniently ignores the fact that the major component of breastmilk is, in fact, leukocytes, or white blood cells. Where do they suppose all those wonderful immune-enhancing properties come from???

    Whole blood, leukocyte reduced packed red blood cells, plasma, albumin, clotting factors, immune globulins.... they are all BLOOD products. Just because they are all together in one place doesn't mean that one part is 'better' or 'worse' than others. They all work together to perform the various functions of each component, and in practice are separated and administered to patients who need whatever 'gift' or 'feature' the component provides. It's all "good". Isn't that what God said in Eden?? In fact didn't He look at His creation and say "It was very good"??

    Trying to decide which components of blood are better than others is like trying to unbake a cake. Without each and every component present, blood is no longer "blood", but becomes a collection of ingredients of the whole.

    Love, Scully RN

    It is not persecution for an informed person to expose a certain religion as being false. - WT 11/15/63

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