How do you make a JW vanish?

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  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    Ask them a hard question!

    Amazing how the chorus of JW defenders has vanished - as if one man - despite the promise from YoYoMama to answer my question if I answered hers.

    Of course, it could just be coincidence.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    That is so true
    doesn't even have to be a hard question
    and actually it isn't really the "question"
    its the question about their answer that gives the trouble!

  • Abaddon

    To be fair, it's not just JW apologists who are chicken shit.

    Most fundamental Christians run if they have a hard question to answer, unless they are very liberal, and prepared to accept there are many paths, but how many fundies do that?

    The other class of fundie is the dumb fundie, who sticks around because they can't understand they are wrong. The conversations with them go like this;

    Fundy; There was a global flood!
    Others; no there wasn't because a, b, c (references)
    Fundy; Cut and Paste!! I'm right.
    Others; refutation of cut and paste (with references)
    Fundy; There was a global flood


    Fundy; I am right about this
    Others; No, look at a, b, c (refrences)
    Fundy; Ha! I am still right, as I am a presuppositionalist, and cannot be wrong!

    I still have not had one creationist explain Hyena clitori to me... and I don't expect I will...

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • nytelecom1

    whats your question sucka

  • AlanF

    : whats your question sucka

    See the 1st post in this thread:


  • YoYoMama

    ok, ok if you insist, even though you did not answer my question correctly.

    From where does the GB get the authority to tell JWs which blood parts they can accept and which they cannot?

    They have the authority given to them by Jesus. Jesus is the head of the Christian Congregation.

    How do they know so surely, e.g., that intact red cells are off-limits but hemoglobin extracts - essentially red cells without the cell walls - are ok.

    It really is just common sense. The Bible says "abstain from blood". It doesn't say in that scripture "do not eat" or "no transfussion". Of course not, it was a general statement. Abstain is understood to also include transussions. That is simple, no blood transfussions. Then scientists started seperating components of blood, well now the GB had to address that issue. So basically, Witnesses will not accept the 4 major blood components. After that, well the GB stays out of it.

    So, can any JW explain how the GB is able to decide these life and death matters if (a) such things cannot be found in scripture and (b) the GB is only inspired in the sense that the Bible was inspired and so they base their beliefs only on the Bible?

    The GB decides this matters based on scriptures and the authority layed on them by those scriptures.

  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Thanks for showing that you have no scriptural support for the GB's latest position on blood. For, if you had you would have shown which scriptures allow blood to be extracted, separated and then some of its parts but not others to be used medically. As it is you merely repeat what the GB says because you believe they speak for God. Thus, you demonstrate that you do believe that Jehovah deals directly with the GB - as he did in the 1st century on the matter of admitting Gentiles into the congregation.

    You also ignore the fact that the GB now allows blood components that it used to ban.

    I am most amused, though, by you saying that I didn't answer you correctly. First of all, you didn't say that I had to give an answer that you found correct - just that I had to provide an answer. Typical JW dishonesty.

    As it is I provided the answer that the WTS has given in the past. Jehovah revealed by an outpouring of Holy Spirit that the Gentiles were acceptable - thus circumcision was no longer required.

    So, I guess you disagree with Momma too.

    YoYoMama, I'd suggest you do a bit of research before issuing challenges that cause you to fall flat on your face. In that way there would be no need to try to squirm out of it.


  • trisha

    you want to know the answer ask a JW in person here is ur answer. the GB is not inspired by god. they are the head quarters for the JW religion they say that witnesses can accpet parts of the blood but not others because some of it is not considered blood. you want scriptures here are some genesis 9: only flesh with its soul its blood you must not eat..........lev 7:26 and you must not eat any blood in any places where you dwell whether that of fowl or that of beast.......lev 17 :10b i shall certainly set my face against the soul that is eating the blood and i shall indeed cut him off from among his people lev 17: 13,14 acts 15:20 acts 15:29 there are plenty of place in the bible we are told to abstain from blood!!!!!

  • AlanF

    Trisha said:

    : ...witnesses can accpet parts of the blood but not others because some of it is not considered blood.

    The question was, "What scriptural basis is there for not considering some parts of blood as blood?"

    You're reply is not an answer -- it is simply saying what we already know, that JW leaders decide on their own that some parts of blood are not blood.

    Again, what scriptures back up the Society's separation of blood into "allowed" and "disallowed" components?


  • trisha

    if u do medical research u will fin what components are considered the blood and what arent and for the most part witnesses usually abstain from the transfussion as a whole and use other methods blood transfusions are not necessary it is a lazy doctors way of taking care of things instead of harping on witnesses for what we believe do some research ur self medical research and learn why i have never done the research because i have never needed to be in that situation the GB also says it is a concince matter what we decide to do in the end anyways weather we feel it is right or not and every person is different some may feel it is ok to use some components and others may not it is a personal matter between that person and god but as for blood my last responce answers why we dont accept it

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