How do you make a JW vanish?

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  • SixofNine

    dear trisha,

    Please grow some humility along with the brain you are going to need to develope if you are to survive and thrive.

    The people in this discussion are more researched than you. They are more sincere than you. They love truth more than you. They are smarter than you, and, I daresay, they love people more than you.

    When they were witnesses, they gave better answers to defend their faith than you do.

    Humility and modesty demands that you shut the fuck up and learn from them.

    The other way around is not an option, as you have nothing at this point in your life to offer. That can change, but it is entirely up to you.

  • trisha

    and also whose fault is it if the blood contains HIV or some other diese and they suffer their whole lives and then die from that

  • trisha

    i am sorry if i offended u in some form and that u feel i am uneducated i feel in my heart i am doing what is right and it is my decision i feel i am more educated because i am not attacking you for what you believe it takes a strong person to stand up to those opposing what u believe jesus stated that his people would be persecuted and put down . so i am sorry for standing up for what i believe in and i am sorry you feel the need to try to stop me

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    1945: The doctrine was promulgated in 1945. It was
    shortly before the time the religion abandoned
    the previous prohibition of immunization. Ini-tially
    there was no distinction between whole
    blood and various components.
    1961 - 2000: Members who willfully received blood
    and who did not repent are subject to the Watch-tower
    Society’s policy of enforced shunning
    (disfellowshipping or disassociation).
    1963: Use of serum was also prohibited; this was re-versed
    in 1974.
    1967: Organ transplants were prohibited; this was
    reversed in 1980.
    1978: Use of clotting factors for hemophiliacs was
    officially permitted.
    1981: Use of albumin was permitted.
    1981: Dr. Lowell Dixon, of the Watchtower Society,
    published guidelines for the use of blood and
    Jehovah’s Witnesses in JAMA (JAMA 1981;
    246:2471). This article set the framework of for-bidden
    major components and acceptable minor
    components; it also established that one’s own
    stored blood cannot be used whereas hemodialy-sis,
    heart-lung machine and intraoperative salvage
    are acceptable.
    1984: Bone marrow transplants were permitted.
    1997: An internal effort to reform the blood policy
    was organized on the internet by dissident
    Jehovah’s Witnesses. The first case of peripheral
    stem cells transplantation using stored white blood
    cell was reported in Archives of Internal Medicine.
    This treatment was officially approved by the
    Watchtower Society, according to the article.
    2000: Any fraction of major blood components were
    permitted. This opened up the way to use hemo-globin-
    based blood substitutes for Jehovah’s Wit-nesses.

    • The Watchtower Society teaches
    that the use of blood transfu-sions
    and some blood products
    violates biblical commands to ab-stain
    from [eating] blood.
    Genesis 9:4
    “But you must not eat meat that has its
    lifeblood still in it.”
    Leviticus 17:12
    “None of you may eat blood, nor may an
    alien living among you eat blood.”
    Acts 15:28,29
    “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to
    us not to burden you with anything
    beyond the following requirements:
    You are to abstain from food sacri-ficed
    to idols, from blood, from the
    meat of strangled animals and from
    sexual immorality. You will do well to
    avoid these things. Farewell.”

    • Jehovah’s Witnesses are required
    to reject medically necessary
    treatments not approved by the

    1. TRUE OR FALSE: JWs refuse every blood
    2. TRUE OR FALSE: Every JW refuses blood
    3. TRUE OR FALSE: JWs have refused blood
    transfusion throughout their history.
    4. TRUE OR FALSE: JWs refuse kidney and
    heart transplants because they contain
    5. TRUE OR FALSE: Every JW knows exactly
    which blood products and which blood-based
    procedures are acceptable.
    6. TRUE OR FALSE: JWs who accept blood
    transfusions are always punished by the re-ligious
    7. TRUE OR FALSE: When JWs sign their AD-VANCE
    DIRECTIVE regarding blood refusal, the
    religious organization explains all the ben-efits
    and risks involved in blood-based treat-ments.
    8. TRUE OR FALSE: Since blood donation is
    not an act of "taking blood into your body",
    JWs are allowed to donate blood.
    9. Which of the following blood components
    does the Watchtower Society officially allow
    JWs to accept?
    A. Platelets
    B. White cells
    C. Peripheral blood stem cells
    D. FFP
    10.What happens if it becomes known that a
    JW conscientiously accepted a forbidden
    blood product?
    A. He/she will be publicly reproached and
    given a bad mark.
    B. He/she will be investigated by a judicial
    committee, dispelled and shunned by the
    family and the community.
    C. He/she will be counseled and accepted
    as a “spiritually weak.”

    Key: 1-False, 2-False , 3- False, 4-False, 5-False ,
    6-False, 7- False, 8- False, 9-C, 10-B.

  • trisha

    witnesses do accept blood and kidney transplant my friends father had a kidney transplant and was not looked down upon for it infact that is the only reason he is alive but he did not accept blood during the surgery and the witnesses make their own choice to sign the blood cards it is not required

  • trisha

    sorry i mean heart and kidney transplants

  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Do you understand that there is zero protection from blood borne diseases afforded under the WTS's current policies because all components of blood are allowed in some form or other. Factor VIII, for example, was a notorious transmitter of disease until better methods were developed. So the health issue is a non issue. The GB bans red cells, white cells, platelets and whole plasma but lets JWs accept preparations made from these items. So, no protection.

    All medical procedures carry risk by the way. Would you reject antibiotics because some people die through using them?

    As for the resurrection - imagine that your child died today because she need something that contained red blood cells and you refused. And then next week's WT magazine were to contain "New Light" and allow that particular blood fraction. How would you feel? Would the resurrection hope allow you to make sense of that? Well that has happened time and again as the GB has changed its rules so many times. The resurrection hope is good, but it does not excuse negligent behavior that causes death. Jesus taught that much.

    See how they mislead and deceive you - you didn't even know that JWs get no protection from Aids transmitted by blood, did you. But I, as an "apostate" knew that. Go back, please and read the above article from the '65 WT again. So, if a JW gets Aids from Factor VIII will you blame the GB?

    Serious stuff, Trisha. Actual lives are at stake not just the feel good of belonging to a cult that does the thinking for you.



    ps: at one time organ transplants were prohibited because they were considered cannibalism.

  • trisha

    you as an apostate should know that witnesses are protected from aids because of the fact that they dont accept blood transfusions if my child were to die today and new info came out tomorrow i would still believe i would see her again it is not the faith in the GB it is faith in Jehovah and what i feel towards him in my heart i would miss my daughter more than anything but at least i wouldnt have to worry about her getting some diese and suffering for years

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    "witnesses do accept blood and kidney transplant my friends father had a kidney transplant and was not looked down upon for it infact that is the only reason he is alive but he did not accept blood during the surgery and the witnesses make their own choice to sign the blood cards it is not required"

    Trisha I am so happy your friend's father needed this surgery AFTER transplants were deemed acceptable and not before.
    Praise God.

  • trisha

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