How many have you helped 'out?'

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  • LDH

    HI puppylove! How's it goin--email me ok?

    Obed, I got your email will write back tonight or tomorrow.

    Witnet was an AWESOME tool. A lot like puppylove and myself came across as dyed in the wool JDubs, but a few had us figured out.

    Since I've been posting here, I received a few emails from people who took the time to write and tell me I've been influential in their decision to leave the JW.

    The one that made me start this post, though, was someone who emailed me after reading a few of my posts on WitNet. He lived half a world away, and since has moved to a Nordic country where he is able to do the JT Slow Fade....

    We kept writing to each other, and just yesterday spoke for the first time. He is no longer attending meetings, and is a boderline' apostate' according to the JW definition. Now if he could only get his JW girlfriend out, wouldn't he be a happy man!

    There's a ton of lurkers out there reading our posts, if they could just realize that there is no shortcut to happiness. It takes time.

    They won't get a nice house in the burbs after Armeggeddon, so they better buckle down and work for it now. And so on.

    We'll just never know who's reading.....

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