How many have you helped 'out?'

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  • anewperson

    This & similar items used in whole or part has liberated untold numbers of people. If put into a word processor, set on a font size of 10, then printed out, this fits on a single sheet of paper. Get some to relatives, pump some into congregations:

    LOVING OUR JEHOVAH'S WITNESS FAMILY & FRIENDS, we're informing the Congregation & Public with documentated facts exposing misleadership by Watchtower Society (WTS) heads over our JW loved ones: Christ said families would be divided by some members doing good & others doing wrongs but never ever advocated destruction of families. 1 Cor 6:1 only says judge "trivial" things as in business, James 2:4-13 calls judging harmful, & Paul says the "majority" (2 Cor 2:6), followed his advice to shun a wrongdoer, meaning a minority chose not to & yet he nowhere condemns them. So we ask why the formal Judicial Committes destroying families via numerous formal renderings of disfellowshipment (shunning)? Acts 15:20 says abstain from blood but 1 Sam 14:32-5 says Saul's army ate unBLED meat to not starve & no verses show God not forgiving them plus Christ (Mat 7) says God also forgave David's eating temple holy bread & that God wants Mercy Not Sacrifice. The May 22, 1994 Awake tells of 26 JW kids who died without transfusions, & by common sense in massive bleeding as in car wrecks blood expanders won't save lives ( An estimated 3 JWs die daily earthwide from the WTS’s unscriptural policy (Blood On The Altar)! Why should our babies, grandkids etc be endangered?

    Members are told report on each other though the Bible condemns busy-bodying. Page 302 in the Daniel book and pages 88 and 651 in the Proclaimers book show photos of the Knights Templar swords and the cross-with-crown-and-wreath used by Masons who sometimes use "Theocratic Warfare" tactics to change members' personalities on early WTS’s literature. Some old WT books also have the winged sun god Ra on front covers - never a Christian symbol. Nor are regular JWs allowed to read Judicial Committee "sin files" on themselves, many not knowing they exist; often with misinformation.(photos: See also picture of Pay Attention To Yourselves And All The Flock book on p 232 of the Insight book that elders have but which non-elders are not allowed to read.

    Christ was likely born about Oct 2, so why ignore he was conceived 9 months before meaning late Dec? Why insist Xmas is from the pagan Saturnalia when John 10:22-3 says Christ also celebrated the Festival of Dedication or Lights, i.e. Hannukah, which first began Dec 25 but varied since because lunar-based? Don't Job 1:3, 3:1 & 3:3 (you must read all 3 verses) show Job's kids celebrated birthdays? Didn't angels celebrate Christ's birth? Santa is from Nicholas, a Christian, not a wizard or pagan god! Recent scholars say the tree's from the tree of paradise in church plays. Why call compromises holidays attacking & replacing paganisms? Doesn’t Col 12:16 say let none judge you about a holiday. WTS heads say the Trinity is believing Father, Son, Spirit are 1 "identical" person yet most churches accept it as 3 totally different entities or persons forming 1 "Godship" (Ro 1:20), Son & Spirit sharing inherited age, power, knowledge from God just as an acorn may be only 1 day old but also have its genes inheriting its ancestral oak tree's age, capacity & info. Human remains & inscriptions show the stauros was a cross not stake, Dr F Zugibe's research shows suffocation would be in minutes if on a stake but in hours if on outstretched cross per Luke 23:44 & Matthew 27:45-6. Leaders call a cross a repugnant murder weapon but Paul said boast in the stauros as a symbol of resurrection over death. (Ga 6:14, 1Cor 1:17-18)

    Elders often hide local scandals. Leo Greenlees was a child molester fellow Governing Body members over JWs reassigned but never disfellowshipped (excommunicated) in the 1980s ( in the archives, etc), & to date child abuse by WTS associates is still officially covered up, causing costly destructive court costs & reproach including articles in Christianity Today, investigations by Dateline NBC etc. For copies of letters to Bodies Of Elders regular members aren't shown including on child abuse etc see:,, JWs' kids & grandkids deserve to be safe. Some members in such coverup places complain of physical harassment (poking, shoving etc), hints that "Jehovah’s eyes are everywhere" & elders details their most private conversations & bedroom doings with their own marriage mates. WTS articles told elders not to “police” bedrooms in 1978 but later in a talk (but not in writing) in 1983 told regular members "The Practice" of some marital intimacies can lead to Expulsion. (discussed on Some regular JWs absent that evening have been "expelled" (harassed/trained) without clearly aware why. Contrast this to the pedophilia coverups. "Insight" book articles are on all Bible books except Song of Solomon (aka Canticles) which has much positive marital imagery out of line with the Gov Body’s views of what is “holy.” Instructed to keep such things "in-house" when asked most elders deny the 1983-onwards policy to protect the Gov Body.

    This is to help our JW family & friends but expose the misleadership over our loved ones! They are told they must not read this material if given it by hand, but when e/mailed it most do quietly read it, some exit, most feel angry at first then quietly decrease donations to the WTS etc, if not baptized a JW stay that way etc. If a JW, this may be coming to you from your close family members or friends. Please make & share copies of this.

  • dungbeetle


    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

  • anewperson

    I suppose you mean "wow" in that it's kind of long and packed with info, though it will fit on one page. It's that way so as to be a "knock out" punch because one time around may be all it gets. After someone gets one of these if they turn it in to an elder they will of course be told to never read any more. So it's going for the gold, first time and possible last time.

    However, some do hold on to it for years, pumping it into this congregation or house then another and another. If you like it, use it. Mail or email all you want.

  • RedhorseWoman

    So far, I can count a definite 1, and have possibly influenced several others to help them along. I think I've educated a few prior to getting sucked in so that they never completed the "leap of spiritual death".

  • bluesapphire

    My husband, my three daughters, my sisters ex-fiance who was on his way in, my father and mother in-law who were on their way in. But I haven't helped out the one I got in - my baby sister. Still trying though.

  • sunscapes
    Acts 15:20 says abstain from blood but 1 Sam 14:32-5 says Saul's army ate unBLED meat to not starve & no verses show God not forgiving them plus Christ (Mat 7) says God also forgave David's eating temple holy bread & that God wants Mercy Not Sacrifice.

    Also, Acts 15:20 applied specifically to the time only when ABUSE of blood through gladiatoral contests was a problem of that day. Transfusions RESPECT blood and life by providing a necessary tissue transplant in time of need.

    Don't Job 1:3, 3:1 & 3:3 (you must read all 3 verses) show Job's kids celebrated birthdays?
    Enlighten me. I read these verses, and all I saw was a vague reference to Job's "day" (his birthday). His childrens'?

    Also, just because negative events surrounded Biblical birthdays does not mean Christians cannot observe birthdays in a responsible manner like anniversary celebrations. Again the Christian freedom when used responsibly should override anyone's need to judge; that one judging would be dealt with in the same measuring stick.

    Doesn’t Col 12:16 say let none judge you about a holiday.

    Colossians 12:16 doesn't exist. A typo, perhaps, because Colossians 2:16 (NWT) reads, "Therefore, let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of a new moon or of a sabbath." Good scripture, anyhow.

    You HAVE to write about the UN scandal and duplicitous writing in the '92-'01 mags as well to really drive home the point. Unfortunately, all the misdeeds of the WTS fills entire hard drives, let alone a page.

  • anewperson

    Right, Col 2:16. If you read ALL 3 VERSES those all together will show that Job's DAY was in the sense of his day of birth; and the fact that each of his kids celebrated each his own day pinpoints that they were celebrating birthdays. The article shows that in emergencies Davids men ate the Temple show-bread and Saul's men ate unbled mean, both of which normally incurred the death penalty but do to the fact that not to do so would have cause their deaths, hence been suicidal, God did not exact the death penalty; although with Saul's men Saul required them to build an altar to show contrition or sorrow that they had had to do what normally would have been a great sin. The altar they built was not a tiny wooden altar but more probably the piling up of a human mound of boulders as a memorial altar to the deed. In David's case there is no record that he required or that God asked for any such sign of contrition. Asking for forgiveness may have been as they did. In both cases there is absolutely no indication God punished Saul or David's men. As you say, hard to get it all in on one page.

  • Belligerent Paladin
    Belligerent Paladin

    How many have I helped 'out'?

    It depends on when you say the person is out. (I'm not officially out yet and still hit about 1 meeting a week.)

    Well, there was Kevin and his wife. I just asked Kevin to help me research the blood issue and shared a couple of questions that I had. He shared those with his wife who decided to read some bible books without preconceived ideas and the combination helped her out. They are both out almost all the way.

    I shared some thoughts on blood with my dad and, although not completely out, he doesn't believe the blood doctrine anymore and he's half convinced the Witnesses are a cult. He also follows Jesus' and Paul's examples and uses "Father" in his prayers instead of "Jehovah".

    My wife sees the hypocrisy now because of the inconsistencies that I've shown her. She's taking her own sweet time and would be out if it wasn't for the peer pressure.

    My wife's sister is having major doubts now after I had her sit in on the bible studies that I was having with her son. She's not mentally out but doesn't go to meetings anymore.

    My wife's niece was looking to get in but with a chance intervention by a helpful neighbor and some confirmations from me, she's staying away.

    Fellow witness Mike is mentally gone but his wife still makes him go. (I need to work on her a little more again.)

    So I don't know how many I've really helped to be completely out and free. Some of that is up to them.

    I have a shepherding call scheduled for me sometime soon. The elders that will be visiting with me are two of the "good" ones. They actually try to sheherd the flock. Too bad their kind is a dying breed in this religion.

    I may have to equip myself for some light battle when they come to call. (Drat . . . where did I put my falchion?)

    The Belligerent Paladin

    "... 97 ... 98 ... 99 ... HEY! Where's 100?"
    "Grab your staffs, boys. It's whuppin' time!"

  • badwillie

    So far it is 3: my wife, my 16 month old son (phew!), and just found out yesterday - a long time friend in the congregation

  • puppylove

    First of all: Hi Obed!!! I miss I was trying to get as many out there as I could (while pretending to be a good dub... hehe)

    Lets see: Hubby, my little sister and brother, still working on the other brother and my mom. Mom and brother no longer attend meetings. My dad is a lifer, unfortunately.

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