whipping or not whipping?

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  • Tina

    Hi Julie,
    Just catching up here.
    It is an unfortunate fact of life that the double standard exists. And existseven louder in the JW world.The whole system is designed like that. Hierarchal from top to bottem.
    And for many the double standard mindset leaves with them. It should have been left at the kh door,but we find that many of the ideas are still with some.
    And often times,it takes public mention to create awareness of this mindset.
    And yes,I'm speaking of the elder mindset. The fact that the brou ha ha even ocurred showed me it's alive and well here among a few.
    Amnesian use of the words 'elder' etc. was merely to descrobe a subgroup of the group we know as a whole.
    And these were the ones who had caused unneeded pain and problems for far too many.
    Amazing,his ego threatened came in with the personal stuff. Screaming 'liar' at me for my personal perceptions and experiences.
    Then bringing biased character witnesses in,while never proving I was a liar(which he cant anyway).......and it went from there.
    I felt that his switching from the issues to personal attacks was to serve from detracting from the issues he could not counter.

    We've all had to take our thumps from behaviors we participated in and learned from the WTS. He was no different. The difference was his inability to concede to the valid points that elders do share a higher culpability due to their rank,position and power over the r/f.
    The leaving also made it glaringly apparent that this was ego based.
    As far as not being baptized,I'm so glad you never did lol. And

    it's glaringly obvious that those who studied and took heed of the red flags do approach JW issues a lot more objectively than those of us who had the emotional investment.
    I've learned much from the non baptized as they see the issues in a more balanced way.
    Glad you're here,and you better stay! Your posts are some of the best here. luv,T
    Hope I make sense here,got the flu and my head is a bit cloudy.

  • msil


  • Julie

    Wow Msil!! What a bountiful plate of ideas and deep thinking you serve up to us here. Just like the high standards you criticize everyone else for not utilizing. Tell me, in your vast pool of knowledge and wisdom can you manage to find the word Hypocrite?

    Nice of you to have taken up the martyrdom cross for your firend Amazing.


  • msil


  • teejay

    Wow, msil.

    Why would you bother to post “zzzzzzz” to a topic? I'm sure there is a meaningful message in doing so, but damned if I know what that message is. Not the height of maturity, I think it’s fair to say. Are you nursing hurt feelings of some kind? Just curious.

    tj ~ standing in line for AMNESIAN's latest release!!

  • Julie

    HI Teejay,

    You said:

    Why would you bother to post “zzzzzzz” to a topic?

    Word has it he wrote nasty things but edited them out so as not offend Ladonna.

    :I'm sure there is a meaningful message in doing so, but damned if I know what that message is.

    Now you know there is no message, I'd wager the deleted one washis usual rabid blather anyhow..

    :Not the height of maturity, I think it’s fair to say.

    A kind understatement.

    :Are you nursing hurt feelings of some kind? Just curious.

    Now there you have hit the nail on the head! See, I have been critical of his friend Amazing and he has had the horrible task of defending the indefensible. He, needless to say, has failed miserably at this soooooo.... now he has assumed a new name, Gravedancer, and is busy trying to rally support against me in chat etc. (I saw with my own eyes Msil don't try to deny it)

    It is a sad state of affairs and one can only guess such methods were learned at his local KH. Poor pitiful soul that he is.

    Julie, who feels sorry that msil/gravedancer has nothing better to do than be "gunning" for me for outing his pal's true colors

  • msil


    I thought we had agreed on a truce. I now see you do not wish for that.

    In the thread which you started: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=18950&site=3

    You last post (at 10:10am) indicated that this to be the case.

    "Oh and gravedancer (a.k.a. Msil) all is forgiven especially your blind loyalty to your friends."
    Now I come here and see at 13:08 you still taking shots...

    So, Julie, which is it? Is it over or isn't it? I mean you were the wholly indignant one in chat going on and on about pursuing truth and fact....but here you have just proved untrustworthy (maybe you lied and are not the truth seeker you claim to be??)

    Either way doesn't really matter to me...but you were the one who claimed to want this sorted out.

    For the record, because even though I have explained this countless times to you, the "zzzzz" post was a post which I removed at TINA's (yes TINA, TINA, TINA...) request. I told YOU this numerous times - didn't I? Then why do you say "word has it that it was for Ladonna's benefit" that I removed it?

    Please don't flatter yourself. My chatting name was definitely not assumed for the purpose of arguing with you. I am quite content to do so under any name...

    So is it a truce or isn't it? One of three three things I see:

    1. You lied about the truce
    2. You are not as intelligent as you think you are
    3. I am dumber than I think I am

    You want to put this to rest, we can - ball's in your court.

  • Pathofthorns

    Enjoyed your story Julie. I too wondered the same thing about the extended presence here of those who have never been JWs. Very interesting. Thanks.


  • Julie

    Hi Gravedancer/Msil,

    Oh yes, you with the alias, talking to me and not revealing who you are when I say "I don't know you" when you ask for my phone number in chat so we can talk! Yep, you are the epitome of honesty. LOL

    In fact I would say a truce is good. Very good idea. I think not a whole lot of you and you obvioulsy feel the same about me so hey, we can go our merry seperate ways.


  • msil


    fine truce it is. Enjoy your life.

    btw - if someone is prepared to call you then you KNOW they are not being dishonest - not hiding.

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