why did all the jws hate cliff richard so much?

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  • looloo

    i couldnt understand why they hated him so much and they all seemed to hate him ! i hope hank marvin got on with him as i heard he was a jw elder .

  • cantleave

    Hi s mum was a JW and he was a Born again Christian. He rejected the JW's and therefore they hate him.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    I thought he (cliff) was always an anglican........didn't know hank marvin was a JW

    Doesn't stop Hank working with working with those of a different faith!

    Shaking Stevens

    Roger Daltry

    Des O'Conner

    Jane O donald

    Andrew Lloyd Webber

    JayZ !

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Its because he promoted going on a "summer holiday" that menat the R&F did not dedicate their time to Aux Pioneering...

  • BluesBrother

    The dubs that I know do not hate Cliff Richard.. If they have any musical taste they may find his records (since about 1970)

    Apologies to any fans of C R .

    Of course when someone is widely believed to have studied extensively with the Watchtower then chucked it to become a born again Christian - he is not going to be their favourite personality ...but.....

    BTW Hank Marvin (don't know if he is an elder , seems doubtful to me with his globetrotting lifestyle ) has shown himself to be a pretty liberal J W , and a wonderful guitar player who inspired a generation of British kids to play guitar

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Cliff Richard was never a JW. He looked into the relgion and I even saw him at a Kingdom Hall once but sensibly he rejected their beliefs. He is an Anglican or Cof E if you like. I might add that he is one of the nicest persons you could ever wish to meet.

    Hank Marvin is still a JW and lives in Australia.

    I think the Witnesses object to him because he saw through their religion and gave it the elbow. I have heard JWs say that he preferred fame and fortune, but they would say that wouldn't they.

  • Mythbuster

    They hated him because his hair was a full on competition to Gerrit Losch. Smacked of idol worship and all.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes


    Good one .

  • spawn

    The fact that his Mother was a JW and he is GAY has a lot to do with it, I know someone with a recording studio that he uses and he turns up with his special friend and matching dogs.

  • iknowall558

    He spoke about Jesus too much...(perhaps thats the reason) And anyway..... He uses his fame to talk about and promote his faith. He sings Christian songs at his concerts. He talks about his religion in interviews. People 'know' that he is a man of faith. Many JW celbrities keep their beliefs and their job separate. They are not always very open about it......if you find out, then you find out, but they dont usually announce it. You would only know if they were someone as mega famous as Michael Jackson.

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