Out of Left Field...Strange things you were told by elders

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  • FollowerOfSet

    Just curious if the crazy was limited to my town or not.

    I remember and elder, during a talk about everyone being resurrected that it included all the babies that had miscarried or were aborted, because the big j knew what their hearts were. After the meeting, he was telling a couple of us how it also disturbed him that his wife would have to carry someone elses babies and he would be raising someone elses children.

    Another elder said that we would colonize other planets, and that since the bible never said the big j didn't make other inhabited worlds that there was a whole universe of planets to colonize after armageddon.

    Anyone else hear crazy crap like this?

  • 5thGeneration

    Strangest thing you were told by elders...

    "We appreciate your hard work for the congregation."

    Must have been really hard for them to say because it only happened once or twice in 30 years!

  • stillin

    When I was a MS the elder over the attendants told us that when we were counting the attendance for the meetings, we should not count disfellowshipped people who were there because they are "non-people." I questioned it and was informed that we should, indeed, count ALL in attendance. Can you imagine how self-righteous somebody like that is?!!

  • dissed

    "F you! That's right, that's what the friends are saying about you and your wife" As he flipped me the bird.

    Why were the JW's and him so upset?

    Because we decided not to have a wedding in the KH and elope. Our CO married us at his place.

    And yet, I respected that Elder more than any other one, because he was totally honest and would stand up to the GB if it was necessary. He passed away 10 years ago, wearing a rebellious beard in his old age. Cool no?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Don't recall anything really strange an elder said, but I seen a video clip of this guy giving a talk and saying that Jehovah was going to put all the continents back together like Pangaea. I thought that was ridiculous.

    Think About It

  • sinis

    Why would that be too difficult for the big J? Ye with little faith... :)

  • parakeet

    Lions prefer hay to meat.

  • Aeiouy

    Ooh ooh! I have a good one. This is so absurd you won't believe it. I swear this really happened though:

    Me: "I think I'm too smart for my own good."

    Elder: "You know, brother so-and-so, being smart in Jehovah's organization is not always a good thing."

    Me: "............ "

    Word for word. I remember what he said like it was yesterday.


  • thepackage

    I as told by an Elder that I should not play Chess because it was a game of War and it was not proper for a JW to play it. So I stopped playing for a few years until I went to a gathering and two CO's where playing. I ask why they where playing and they said nothing was wrong with it.


    There is an Elder in my congregation who I feel dislikes me because I'm inactive and doesn't know what to do with me. He seems to go on his business as soon as I walk in. A couple of times as I was talking with a member of the congregation, he rudely interrupted my conversation and took the person by the shoulder and walked away as if his conversation was more important.

    Once I was talking to my mom( who is very sick and has many ailments but still makes it to some meetings)and this self-righteous Elder walks right in our conversation and makes a rude comment about me in front of my mom.

    This was the actual coversation we had to show you how self-righteous he is:

    Me:''Mom,we will come over sometime this week to visit.''

    Mom:''That's fine. We're always home"

    Self righteous Elder walks in the middle of our conversation.

    Elder:''How are you today?''

    Me:''I'm doing good.''

    Elder to my mom: ''How are you Mrs------?

    Mom: ''Well not too good......you know I have many problems with my health."

    Elder:"You may not be as physically healthy as your son but at least you have more spiritual health."

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