Jevovah's Witnesses and mental health

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not all mental illness is physical, not in the broad definition of mental illness.

  • blondie

    Name some....a link would be helpful

    Also who makes the diagnosis, jws without any qualifications. I have seen many jws without medical qualifications diagnose, even ex-jws have made such judgments without any real knowledge of that person's medical situation. Just because a person is eccentric, does not make them mentally ill.

    BTW, Jerry Bergman has a PhD, is not a medical doctor.

    I still would like to see more than just that one study.

  • agonus

    Respectfully, Blondie, I beg to differ. Perhaps being a JW doesn't cause diseases like autism and schizophrenia, but anxiety, depression, etc. which are definitely mental illnesses - oh HELL yes it does. There is a truly sinister undercurrent to the WT and I've felt it ever since I was a little boy. I really don't believe it's any coincidence that I developed OCD-from-hell and my mom developed PMS-from-hell the same year she got baptized. The forces of darkness are alive and well in this cult, believe you me.

  • shamus100
    I have seen many jws without medical qualifications diagnose, even ex-jws have made such judgments without any real knowledge of that person's medical situation.

    Here I agree with you, Blondie. Nobody actually knows what someone's situation is. Hell, I could make an assumption and say someone who has 30,000 (nearly!) posts is mentally ill. Nobody actually knows, this is the net. You can certainly make some fairly sturdy assumptions on a few in the past, i.e. JC Cannon.

    Does a Jehovahs Witnesses lifestyle cause depression? Of course it does. Physical - an actual lowering of dopamine levels. Environmental - negative thinking affecting the dopamine levels. It's all the same. Feel bad? Go to the doctor, get some pills, but don't you dare get counselling; Jehovah will provide.

  • shamus100
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    it is rare that we don't agree but I have an example - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - definitely a mental health issue - not caused by physical/biological problems but rather by personal experience. In fact you could add most dissociative experiences as well. That being said the experience that results in PTSD can result in an alteration in chemistry that doesn't easily diappear and taruma in young children has been shown to serious alter the way the brain develops. But then there are no medications for that

    While depression can manifest as a chemical problem much depression is also based on personal experience, and is referred to as situational or reactive and not a chemical problem. And while drugs can help for the short term it is rare for this kind of depression to warrant long-term or life-long treatment

  • blondie
  • ekruks

    Preach the GOOD NEWS! The UK police force is considering action against the WBTS

    Article 1. ews/uk/home-news/war-of-words- breaks-out-among-jehovahs-witn esses-2361448.html

    Article 2. s/religion/8791196/Police-inqu iry-over-Jehovahs-Witness-maga zine-mentally-diseased-article .html

    Meanwhile, a local appointed man informs me it's just apostates stirring up trouble, and not to worry about it - we will be persecuted until the end.

    If only he could take blinkers off (yes, I know it's not his fault) and see who is actually stirring up trouble - the persecution was prophecied to arise from speaking the truth; not from distributing needless insults based on falsehood. They are blatantly playing on people's stigma of the mentally-ill. Cheap, sick, and certainly not kind, or necessary. I wonder if the WBTS is doing this on purpose, as did Rutherford, so as to force the prophecied persecution to occur.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Talk about having three fingers aiming back at you, every time you point a finger at somebody else!

    What else can you say about the hypocrisy of a group that brands ex-members as "mentally diseased", while itself having a mental illness rate significantly higher than the population in general?

    The cynical could perhaps describe it as being a case of "it takes one to know one."


  • kokyong.soon3

    i notice a vast great difference between the time when i was mentally sound and when i became mentally illed;one that i had the energy to cope and in the other that i was only surviving

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