JW Son dead in German plane crash, no big deal!

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  • minimus
    The old hippie is another apologist.
  • Daniel1555


    I am no apologist. I am an ex jw.

    And I think sir82 and old hippie are right.

    Not everyone is having feelings of anger when grieving.

    Some choose to forgive.

  • noolite
    Just to be very clear on this, I personally am not saying it's "no big deal". I think it's a very big deal, that someone dies needlessly and all (if he were) my father can say is "I'm not angry". I would be extremely angry and upset about someone close to me dying in such a manner - that didn't have to happen. It's not like this was a mechanical failure that was out of anyone's control, this was a deliberate action. If you watched the video, you'll see how devoid of emotion his voice and demeanor is when he's speaking - sounds pretty much like the person that spoke at my mom's funeral. Blank, robotic and with no display of emotion. This is pretty much the "company line" that he's speaking, and of course I don't pretend to understand how he feels, I can only see what he is saying publicly, and IMHO it's sad that he pretty much turns his son's death into an advertisement for JW. That's my feeling and opinion, if sir82 and OldHippie feel different, that's their right. I happen to disagree.
  • JWdaughter

    The rule of the world, in this case, is not the cause of the crash. One nutty human being going against EVERY rule of the world did this.

    I did think his response was cold and dishonest. He sadly seemed very detached, but I will credit him with being in shock. No matter what I think of the WT, most JWs sincerely do love their family. The dishonest bit? He will take the blood money when it is offered, as will everyone else. Nothing to do with being a JW or not. Just human. Its the only justice he will get.

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