JW Son dead in German plane crash, no big deal!

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  • noolite

    Seems to be a JW connection with the crash after all, but it wasn't the co-pilot as some had surmised. The father of the only American male killed in the crash weighs in with a very mild assessment of the mass murderer, and doesn't seem overly concerned about his son, now deceased.


    "The parents of an American victim of the French Alps plane crash said on 27 March they feel sadness for the parents of the co-pilot rather than feeling anger for the loss of their son.

    Robert Tansill Oliver, a Jehovah's Witness, lost his 37-year-old son Robert Oliver Calvo in the Germanwings plane crash.

    "I don´t feel anger. I'm really sad for the parents of that young pilot. I mean, I can't imagine what they´re going through right now. As well as companions here, they are all feeling, hurting. No we don´t feel anger at all. As Witnesses we are peace makers. We are sorry it happened of course. We blame what the bible calls the rule of the world. We are angry with the rule of the world," Oliver told reporters outside the Rey Don Jaime hotel where the relatives of the victims are staying.

    Oliver was not keen on launching legal action over the loss of his son."


  • Finkelstein

    As Witnesses we are peace makers. We are sorry it happened of course.

    Thats why we shun and break apart are own family members who dont want to participate in are religion.

    Thats why we hate all things that are not apart of are religion, including any other religion or government institution.

  • sir82

    doesn't seem overly concerned about his son, now deceased.

    That seems like an awfully big extrapolation, based on a handful of sentences in a news article.

    How do you know what the father is going through?

    A lot of JWs are idiots, that doesn't mean this particular person is inhuman and does not mourn. You don't know anything about this guy - why take out your anger against JWs on him?

  • Gayle
    wonder if son (step-son?) was "active" JW? There have been JWs, who felt somewhat relieved if their inactive or DF'd grown child with a flipped hope that now their grown child would probably now be resurrected and not destroyed at Armageddon.
  • noolite

    Sir82, watch the video interview, and tell me how concerned and upset he is (isn't). I know if that happened to my son or daughter, I'd be distraught. And why do you think I'm taking out my "anger against JWs on him"? I don't have any anger, just disillusionment at how brainwashed they are when something like this happens. Maybe it's a coping mechanism, but it comes across as unconcerned and callous IMO.

    Here's the link to the video interview:


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "I don't feel anger". Please, if my son was killed in that flight I would

    mad as hell. This guy is full of sh---t, the mind of a JW.

    "Yes we are peace makers", but when it comes to families we come

    to destroy it..

  • Gayle

    oops, sorry, guess son was a JW,, I just checked FB

  • Crazyguy
    Well what's the big deal the new system is right around the corner and I'll see my son again very soon. Totally delusional, sad.
  • sparrowdown

    Strangely enough, I found a lot of witnesses seemed relieved when someone died

    because they felt it meant they were guaranteed a resurrection.

    That would explain their cavalier attitude to dying.

  • stuckinarut2

    Indeed sparrowdown!

    Witnesses love to say that someone now has the "golden ticket" into the panda-paradise!

    They actually LOOK DOWN on and scorn those that are overly upset and grieving, and use that scripture about "we do not grieve like the rest do who have no hope..."

    Certainly a distortion of human nature....

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