How long before you stopped believing armageddon was on your doorstep?

by bubba flavel 46 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Farkel

    :How long before you stopped believing armageddon was on your doorstep?

    You mean it ISN'T?


  • looloo

    ages but very liberating when i found out it was a con !

  • chickpea

    hello and welcome, bubba....
    glad you found JWN

    what i find interesting about
    your question is that i cannot
    recollect when i stopped living
    in the shadow of armageddon
    and embraced this amazing
    habit of taking life as it comes,
    knowing we live on a dynamic planet
    with subduction zones and variable
    weather patterns... shift happens

    all i know is that i smile a lot more

  • carpediem

    I agree with what another poster said - i too stopped caring before I stopped believing. If some 'loving god' wants to destroy me and the vast majority of the population for not bowing to watchtower policy then bring it on!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm with Jeff. I still have inklings of old belief that surface regularly but I no longer really care.

    If God wants to destroy me, he will. If he doesn't, he won't. I'm much more concerned with humankind destroying us than I am with God doing it, especially since I'm not even sure God exists as a distinct entity. I lean toward a sort of universal mind more and more nowadays.

  • BluesBrother

    Baptised as a youth........It took to age of about 50 before I realised that Armageddon was not coming . Put like that it makes me a slow learner, but hey! the rest of 'em are still at it. I have lost relatives in the last couple of years who believed devoutly to their death bed. Some would say that they are the lucky ones, but I now value my freedom to think, even if my lifestyle is still influenced by family commitments....

    What did Orwell say in "1984"? , something like "Nothing is really your own except for the few cubic centimetres of matter that lies within your skull " Freedom to think is everything....We no longer fear this :

  • TheSilence

    Hello, Hello,

    Back in April of '08 we had a small earthquake where I live... small as in no damage, but large enough to be felt and I had never experienced one before. The following is a post I wrote 1 week after that earthquake:

    So I was thinking about the earthquake we had last week...

    and I was thinking about my reaction to it. I woke up at 4:40 in the morning because the bed was shaking and the thought process in my head went along these lines, "The bed is shaking. Mike is out of town. He's not due home for 5 more days. Who the hell is in my house and climbing in my bed? Should I grab the bat, turn over, and just start swinging and hope Mike didn't come home early? Surely he'd have called. Of course if someone was trying to crawl into bed with me they'd try to be a lot more stealthy than this until they had me under control. I don't think it's Mike, and I don't think it's an intruder, I think it's an earthquake. Besides, I might kill the cat. Okay, so I'm going to turn over and make sure there's no one climbing in bed. Nope. Okay, cool, then it's just an earthquake. It's kind of interesting, I've never experienced one before." These thoughts took a very short fraction of time to get through. For the rest of the quake I pretty much just observed and found it really interesting. Not scary, just interesting.

    Once it stopped I got out of bed and got online thinking I should make sure it really was an earthquake, find out where it originated, how strong it was, and what kind of damage had been done so I would know whether or not I needed to check on my family.

    Reminiscing about this just now it occurred to me that there was a time when my reaction would have been a great deal different. This was a time when seeing a special news bulletin interrupt a TV program would turn my stomach and I would have to leave the room because I just knew they were going to announce something that would be the beginning of armageddon, a time when I had nightmares of God chasing me with mudslides, a time when severe thunderstorms struck a chord in my heart that guaranteed divine wrath.

    And I realized... not only did I not react in that manner at all... it took a full week for it to even occur to me that that might once have been my reaction.

    So why am I sharing this? Well, I think it's pretty cool. I've talked to people who had the same fears I used to have... and I thought it might be nice to let some of them know... some day it will take a full week before it even occurs to you that you might once have reacted that way.

    Now, how long did it take me to get there? I can't say. It was a gradual thing and I just happened at that point to realize that it was gone... and that it had been quite some time since it had been there. But the good news is... you do get there. And that is what I think you need to hold on to.

    Welcome to the forum. ;)


  • dinah

    Welcome to the forum, Bubba.

    Like you, I was born-in, baptised early and disfellowshipped. I lived most of my life in fear of Armageddon. When I finally realized the Governing Body were NOT inspired the fear went away. The more you learn about the religion, the easier it is to let go of the fear. I can remember being terrified every time a Special News Bulletin came on television.

    I'm not sure when I got over it. It was a gradual thing.

  • jookbeard

    TBH in the deepest depth's of my mind I never really believed in the Big A

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I'm still anxious that armageddon might be on my doorstep but I don't want to serve God out of fear. However, then I think, if the last days are really to be like the days of Noah, I'm supposed to be afraid. I always have a knot in my stomach about it.

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