Yahweh and Jesus Lose the Quickbuild Crown

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  • fulltimestudent

    Quickbuild's are something the JWs crow about a lot as evidence of Yahweh's "spirit" working on them, But amongst the puffery' there was a solid fact that the buildings were often the result of good planning rather than divine assistance.

    And, in most cases the buildings were seldom built in a weekend. They couldn't be! A concrete slab foundation needed time to dry out before walls could be built. And before the slab could be poured, the ground had to be levelled and services like plumbing and drainage roughed in. And double brick walls could not be built to full height in one day, and even gyprock plasterboard could not be installed and painted all on the last day.

    So a lot of puffery, but yes! taking a step back, the witnesses usually managed the process quite well.

    So I don't know what God is "blessing" this building:


    But, I hear if Yahweh and Jesus want to know how to improve, Buddha and Kongzi (Confucius) are willing to teach them.

    P.S. It's also NOT true to say the building was "built" in 19 days. All buildings need planning and "management" AND in the Chinese example, so much construction activity was performed off-site in the factory, so the pre-built segments were just fitted into place and secured.

    Still it's impressive.

  • fulltimestudent
  • fulltimestudent

    and one more, this one stated to be 2000km from the factory. Wouldn't that be a logistics nightmare, I don't know how the components were transported, but when I worked, even Brissie to Sydney could give me sleepless nights.


  • JakeM2012

    Many times, I have spent 6 months + basically full time working on EACH Kingdom Hall doing excavation, grading, drainage, paving (concrete or asphalt, including curb and gutter) the concrete foundation for the building, utilities (electrical, sewer, water), light poles for the parking, septic systems, etc.

    In addition to that, deceleration lanes in the roadway, and installing or demolition of islands in the road for entrance or exit into the new kingdom hall. Also, ADA compliant sidewalks from the bus stop to the front door of the kingdom hall. All of these require city permits to be pulled, and meeting and working with the inspectors.

    It has always chapped my big white axx that people come to two days of work and feel they built the kingdom hall. Bull Butter.

  • zeb

    as i have officially two trades and a life time of related skills i put in application to work on a QB.

    There is the form ( as expected) to fill in and the line thereon along the lines of "Does this person have the spiritual (!) qualities to be part of this.

    In the para underneath was written in Red pen in the very middle.... "NO". I said to the elder who showed me this

    " and Im not to know who wrote that am i?".. a further push to getting out.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Very cold of them to do that to you, Zeb. They really do not appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice people give them. Better to invest in you and your family.
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    I worked in my home woodworking shop for two months, evenings and weekends, to build four ministry school tables for a 'quick build' double Kingdom Hall. The tables were made out of two inch oak and laminate. They were very labour intensive. I had to put every thing else on hold. When the quick build weekend came, I delivered the tables, looked around at all the accountant and real estate agent elders with yellow hard hats on, and went home.

    Two weeks later I got a call from an elder. He told me that the tables were too big for the platforms and told me that I would have to rebuild the tables to a smaller size. ???????? The tables were built exactly to the prints I received.

    I politely told him '...I don't think so. Get someone else', and hung up.

  • steve2

    It is not unknown for kingdom hall quick builds in New Zealand to be bedeviled by leaking roofs (and sometimes even walls) and other structural defects. Put it down to kiwis easy going nature, but you won't be hearing about any of these embarrassments in the literature or from the platform. Silence is revealing.

  • jwfacts
    We did a quickbuild in Hobart. I worked there every week for 6 months before the 2 day Quickbuild. There is a huge amount of work getting everything organized, plus all the landscaping and under groundwork.
  • GrreatTeacher
    They like to brag that it's like an Amish barnraising. Except it's not.

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