Yahweh and Jesus Lose the Quickbuild Crown

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  • blondie

    I remember when the changed the terminology from a week to "quick-build" because of that very point. I can remember help put in the foundation, electrical, plumbing, grading the lot, etc.

    Fortunately, the jws in this area have quite a few that work secularly in construction and know to let the foundation cure.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What a load of crap when JWs would say when a Kingdom Hall was being built: "What a fine witness to the surrounding neighborhood & community!"

    I highly doubt that anyone ever became a JW due to or as a result of a Kingdom Hall being built! Most in society would prefer not having a KH in their neighborhood.

  • wozza

    I worked on many QB's in the eightees ,one stands out in my mind where they organised the media to come ,"3 days is'nt it amazing etc? " ,well they should have hung around to see the injuries that are hushed up ,but the best was on the third day when it became apparent the bricks were running out ,well that sent the organisers into a panick and we were directed to make sure that the place to run out of bricks should be on the rear wall where noone could see it from the street. We thought Jehovah would provide more bricks but they could'nt be gotten from anywhere.

    It is an aging building now ,where are the promises of the people coming to fill these halls we built ? Some have been sold off to other religions and they never did fill those seats ,once I was privvy to an elders conversation and they were discussing whether to shift some of the seats to storge and spread out the remaining ones so the brothers would still feel that jahs promise would be fulfilled in filling the seats ...where was there faith ?

  • steve2
    Rome wasn't built in a day; it was built to last. Kingdom Halls were built in three; here today, gone...tomorrow?

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