What happened to your marriage after you stopped believing?

by JerkhovahsWitless 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • daniel-p

    Nice to hear your stories, Yippy and Sacolton, especialy to see there is "life" after the death of a marriage. I am out, my wife is in, and we have had our ups and downs. I have learned to not talk about religious things with her, and I try to emphasize common ground whenever I can. I think key to this is doing it, not with the goal of getting her out, but in just having a happy and supportive relationship. If I was to do it merely to get her out, I would make her and certainly make myself less content.

  • carpediem

    Since I left I hardly see my husband who is still a wt slave. I am always always always second best. Actually I am probably about tenth best behind, meetings, ministry, bible students, personal study, the elders, the congregation, congregation social events, assemblies and visiting individuals in the congregation. Anyone marrying a jw doesnt just marry a person, they marry an organisation.

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    Just a quick update. I didn't want to look like I took all of your stories and abandoned this thread without at least passing his thanks on to everyone, but I still haven't talked to him yet. He's been sick. Hopefully tomorrow night he'll feel well enough to talk.

    When we do talk, I will post an update so this thread has some kind of closure to the story.

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