Does anybody else feel relieved that they won't be tortured during the great tribulation?

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  • Farkel

    :Does anybody else feel relieved that they won't be tortured during the great tribulation?

    Not really. I had enough long-time torture in the Congregations. The great tribulation would have been a piece of cake! Short and swift!


  • doublelife

    Edington: Awe...thank you.

    designs: Huh?

    Farkel: Short and swift? According to who? The wtbs. I never trusted their definition of short and swift.

  • d

    I remeber being told that God would rain fire on the wicked.I was like.I see these crazy ramblings as just pure insanity.If the end comes it is simple, you just don't survive.Why survive and live eternity with the Jehovah Witness.Now that is never ending tribulation.

  • LongHairGal


    You are not the only person who would rather live out their life and die in this so-called 'system of things' rather than have to go through the nightmare of the Great Tribulation. Some people (including me) feel that living life now is hard enough. The idea of having to supposedly do all that PLUS face the trial of having to keep 'integrity' with regard to flimsy beliefs of an ever changing 'religion' and go through hair raising life and death trials seems too much to tolerate even if it were 'truth'. No wonder so many JWs are on meds for depression. Life is hard now and they are looking forward to being tortured over their 'faith'. This makes me very angry just to think about how JWs are set up to tolerate abuse. First starting with the congregation and the people in it, the religion itself and then finally 'Caesar'. Sounds like hell on earth!

    The whole JW experience is just an exercise in masochism as far as I was concerned and I am glad to be done with it.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    just thought about this after watching the movie 2012. I no longer have that fear over my head. I don't know what will happen after death and I choose not to dwell on it. I live now and life is great. Growing up and as an adult I had nightmares all the time about the GT.

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head

    Jehovah's sentence to death was stoning. This from a being that calls itself "LOVE"

    Here is the "God of Love". Here is Jehovah carrying out His merciful judgement against His children

    Watch a stoning. What do you expect from the "God of Mercy"?

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