Does anybody else feel relieved that they won't be tortured during the great tribulation?

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  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I never really believed any of that. If the big A was so late, so would the GT.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    What bit tribulation?

    As far as I know it ain't happenin

  • dissed

    Remember, 'you can't be tortured beyond what you can bear', as the scripture assures us.

    The JW's assured me, JG knows that and won't let us suffer too much.

    Well, the thought of torture bothered me, so I figured that was as hard as it would get, until........

    I went to Bethel and met Dan Sydlic of the GB. "Because, you are Bethelites, you will be singled out and tortured!"


    Yes, I am relieved to know that torture stuff wasn't true.

  • pixiesticks

    I actually kept a box of heavy wool jumpers and a first aid kit in a box under my bed incase the Tribulation started and my family and I had to hide in the woods or something. I used to look out the back of my house and plan in my head the way we'd take out across the fields.

    What scared me the most was the idea that I'd be tortured to renounce my faith, like in the concentration camps in WW2. I knew I wouldn't be strong enough and would sign the paper under threat of pain. So I worried that Jehovah wouldn't forgive me before Armegeddeon and I'd die.

    I imagined that our neighbours would turn on us and either try to burn our house down with us in it, or worse.

  • leec

    There's a lot of torture that goes on that has nothing to do with the tribulation ... unless Dick Cheney knows more about the end of times than I suspect.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Seems to me that at this point in time most rank and file dubs believe they will be protected by Jehovah through the GT AND Armageddon, even though the official doctrine is that these are two separate events and that only GT survivors will be protected through the Big A. None of them are afraid of torture anymore. The major, overriding fear dubs have is fear of being outside of God's favor when the ish hits the fan.

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I'm kind of disappointed I won't be tortured.

    All of my life so far wasted as a Witless, a little BDSM during the GT would have been a blast.

  • badseed

    it was either that or get zapped at the big A. zapped is much less painful.

  • doublelife

    Outlaw, restrangled, and lancelink: Yes, it was torture being in the WTS.

    dinah: I'm 27 and I don't remember Malawi specifically but I remember all the tortured stories from the yearbook that traumatized me.

    Oceanblue: Very scary indeed. I remember wondering if we would be put in concentration camps again.

    Cofty: It is very unhealthy for a child to worry about things like that. I always thought I was the only one but maybe others just didn't want to talk about it.

    journey-on: That's why I never had kids. I was scared that my children would be tortured in front of me and I knew I would renounce my faith in an instant. I didn't want Satan to have the advantage so I decided against having children.

    Out at Last: It's good you never believed it.

    Lady Lee: Thank God it ain't happening.

    dissed: Yes, I remember that scripture but for some reason it never comforted me. I remember one pioneer told me that because we live in USA, which is suppose to be part of the Anglo-American dual world power, we would get it worse than anyone else in the world.

    pixiesticks: That's horrible. I, too, had the same fear of renouncing my faith and not being forgiven and losing out on everlasting life. Rest assured that we don't have to stress over that anymore.

    leec: Unfortunately, you're right. But at least the threat of torture isn't coming from our religion.

    Mad Sweeney: That's what I've always felt about the rank and file too. I just couldn't understand why other weren't affected by it as much as I was.

    Jerkhovahs Witless: Wow! lol

    badseed: Yes, being zapped is much less painful.

  • Chalam

    Hello DL,

    It doesn't matter if you get to see the Great Tribulation or not, those verses speak of what happens after the Great Tribulation.

    The Great Tribulation for only three and a half years Daniel 9:27 Daniel 12:11 Revelation 11:3, the judgement last for eternity Mark 9:47-48 Revelation 20:10 2 Thessalonians 1:9

    Maybe a diagram would help?


    In short, the Tribulation precedes the last judgement which marks the start of everlasting life or the second death Revelation 20:10 Revelation 20:14



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