Have you Been Shunned Even Though Just Considered " Inactive " ?

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  • HappyGuy

    I guess I have a different experience from a lot of the ones I have seen on here.

    When I left the WTBTS organization, JWs, whatever you want to call it, I didn't "fade", I didn't "DA" myself, I just never went back. I don't want to talk to any JWs except my family, my mom is still active, my sisters are somewhat active, they all talk to me freely and never stopped. I only discussed my leaving the JW cult one time, that was with my mother and she pulled the "I don't want to discuss it" cop out after she saw that I had very strong reasons for wanting out. But she didn't punish me in any way for that discussion. My sisters have never mentioned it to me at all.

    I have not seen nor heard from anyone that I knew in the JW cult since I left, nor do I want to, except for when an elder hijacked my father's funeral, a man who detested the Witnesses his entire life but was nice to them because he was a decent man.

    I never cared whether any JWs ever talk to me again, I reallly didn't want them to anyway, so the shunning thing was never an issue for me.

    My ex mother in law has always been nice to me even though she has both the fact that I am no longer a JW and no longer married to her daughter, but she was always a very nice woman.

    Strangely enough, my father was mad at me for telling my mother that the JWs are a cult, do not teach what the Bible says and are following the dictates of a Governing Body consising of senile old perverts, and I didn't believe the Bible to be the word of "God" anyway. And he had opposed the JWs all his life. I found that pretty strange.

  • flipper

    BALSAM- Very true what you say. I actually have faded for over 6 years WITHOUT EVER going to any meetings. Not even the Memorial. Some of my JW family accepts me, some don't. I just can't go to meetings. It would nauseate me and I'd betray and violate my own sense of right and wrong to attend. If others can do it occasionally, fine, but I just can't. I'm glad you got out too, like many of us.

    HAPPY GUY- I was the same as you- I just stopped attending cold turkey in late 2003. Never went back. My parents also accepted my reasons for stopping and still support my decision. Although I have one older sister who shuns me as do 2 of my adult daughters. Oh well. I think in time as they get closer to being 30 years old they may mellow out some. I'm glad most of your JW family has been respectful and nice to you. You are lucky

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