Have you Been Shunned Even Though Just Considered " Inactive " ?

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  • 5thGeneration

    2 years simply inactive and still lost a lifetime of friends.

    Even got kicked out of the Fantasy Baseball league I was in with a bunch of old witness buddies.

    My new 'worldly' friends are great though. They don't base their friendship on how many hours I have in service! They like me as a person and don't judge every one of my quirks.

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    My closest friend's parents last year limited him seeing me once they found out from my big mouth mother that I wasn't going to meetings. Yet, his friends and even older moved out of the house brother still saw me.

    Since going back to the kingdumb hell, some people have talked to me, others just smile at me like I'm DF'ed.

  • bohm

    Nice thread.

    Im still in contact with my closest family. But none of my former jw-friends ever contacts me. Instead of speaking with me, they actually speak ABOUT me - and that obviously makes me sad. Guess the young JWs dont have a lot of other things to speak about.

    Love, Miss Bohm

  • MissingLink

    Oh yea, shunned by all our old friends even though just "inactive". Thankfully not shunned by family (yet).

    There is one of my old "friends" who will still talk to me, and I can visit his house, but he won't be seen in public with me, and won't be my facebook friend. I have to be his "secret" friend. Thanks...... That's special.

  • blondie

    We aren't shunned after 10 years inactive; but we were shunned by some when we were still active and zealous.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Even when you're "in" if you're not out in service, you don't get invited to the get-togethers. Out of sight, out of mind.

    A couple months ago my daughter's supposed best friend had a big thing at her house with a bunch of kids. Parents posted about it on Facebook with pics and everything. I didn't tell my kid about it because it would have hurt her badly but my wife and I were pissed. But it worked out for the best because it was a catalyst for us to start allowing our child to associate with whoever she wants: school kids, neighbors, whoever is kind to her is qualified to be her friend.

  • Finally-Free

    Hell, most of the congregation shunned me even when I was a regular pioneerâ„¢. Of course, they remembered who I was whenever they needed help moving, computer help, or some other heavy labour and were only prepared to contribute coffee and cookies instead of $$.


  • Emma

    Immediately and actively shunned when family realized I wasn't going to meeting and wasn't going to talk about it. Cong had already effectively shunned us just because. It was the coldest, most judgemental and divisive congregation I'd ever been in. That was the reason I was finally able to escape. My family let all my oldest friends know I needed to be shunned.

  • minimus

    Yes & no.

    My family, other than mom shuns.

    Yesterday while visiting her, an elder and 2 unbaptized publishers dropped by and all were very cordial with me and most pleasant!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    wow I'm glad I read this... I've been shunned!!! a few will do small talk but most treat me like I am dead... The whole "sad" look when they run into me... Yet I am happy so not sure why they act so sad.... Some will turn around when they see me or not give me eye contact!!! oh I feel the love!!! I think this has been what opened my eyes!!! being shunned and no one seems to care why I didn't go back!!! Being shunned and not df'ed... It hurts!!!

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