I want to be appointed as an Elder while I am still posting here, will Holy Spirit prevent me?

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  • Mickey mouse
  • cofty

    Appointments are determined by popularity with existing elders and nothing else. If you can really be bothered you could be a force for good but it will take a lot of maturity and compromise

  • Quillsky
    outofthebox did this, I believe he's come off now.

    See this thread:http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/154871/1/It-looks-like-I-will-become-an-elder-this-week

    Yes, a short couple of months later outofthebox was no longer "an elder": http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/experiences/175654/1/Shortest-eldership-ever. I'm a bit wary of a new poster whose very first post is to ask about virginity testing at Bethel (sounding suspiciously like a teenage boy who isn't getting laid) and who then goes on to announce their quick appointment then removal as an elder.

  • brainwashed-from-birth

    What do you have to go thru to become an elder? If it is alot of work I dont see the point. The only thing it may do is prove to you that the Holy Spirit doesn't exist, or doesn't give a shit if you are an elder in a stupid religion Let me know how it goes.

  • WTWizard

    It has been done before. All you need is to keep quiet about any doubts you have about the organization, express sincere desire to reach out for "privileges", turn in a fake time slip with around 10 or 12 hours a month of fake field circus on it, and appear to be exemplary. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself puking once you get your first assignments.

  • fokyc

    One sure thing is; "Holy Spirit; will neither prevent nor assist you to become appointed as an elder.

    Just become super pious and get in the hours, lots of prayer, in fact you must pray 'long and hard'!

    Go for it!


  • oompa

    it is better to just be the accounts servant like i was....i bought my mobile home and saved my dogs leg with money from my bruddas.......

    lmao....that would have been GREAT!!!!......lets all go back and embezzleeeeee............oompa!!!!!

  • dissed

    Why stop at being an Elder?

    If you really want to change the WT, why don't you start to partake like the 1,000's of others who recently have started to imbibe, then apply to be a GB member.(Ask for the 3 question short-form app.)**

    Then you could really shake up the Org!


    GB application:

    1. Do you partake? Or do you plan to partake in the near future? If not, please do not go on to questions 2 and 3.

    2. This is only hypothetical. But would you have any problem with lying, stealing from, or malisciously slandering fellow JW's?

    3. Have you ever been a member of an 'apostate' forum on the internet?

    Please send this with a 'self addressed' stamped envelope, to:

    'I want to be a GB member'

    25 Columbia Hts

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • fluke

    The very belife in holy spirit is a pagan ideal, it has divinition qualities to it and is reddiled through time lost tradition... So if you belive in 'energy' of people, then 6,000,000 strong (minus those of you on here ) would create a form of spirit, but really you can use it too...

    The way I have seen it to be is that being in with the dubbs you are part of their energy, and you are in a sort of cage... now this cage either is a protection or a blockage... It would and does protect against a lot of nasty things... Bad energies etc, though also you are missing out on all the wonderful energy that comes from life too...

    I've recently watch the new DVD from the bORG... It was great but as I watched I realised they will never know what life is or the energy around it...

    Only those who look for it will...

    Though to answer your question, if the holy spirit can be manipulated, which is the energy from the 6m bORG, then no it wont and yes it can.. Depending on how much energy you put into it yourself...

    Hope that helps... :)

  • asilentone

    agbm, I have the feeling that you will NEVER be appointed Elder in your lifetime. I do not think you are even MS yet. I just think you are just a publisher.

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