Why Do I Not Care Anymore? Possibly a Rhetorical Question

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    tit nipply for that?

  • Robdar
    tit nipply for that?

    OMG, you just gave me the giggles.

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    All the "WHY" "WHAT" "WHO" questions are from the infantile period of life when the childs very survival depends on knowing how to keep the parents attention and love. They are anxious to keep living.

    it survives in questions on lifes "purpose" or "WHY" are we here.

    We are here, HOW has so many explanations. We are never the less here.

    The world just is as it is.

    Efforts to change it usually make things much worse.

    Why did Haiti happen? The Indonesian Tsunami?

    It is ridiculous to say God wanted the dead to be angels. Cant he find nicer ways of taking people to him?

    As for all this "They will have to Know I am Jehovah" stuff - the Witchtower makes God into a Gangstah.

    You are forced to kneel at his feet.

    He puts a shotgun to yo head.

    "Tell me you believe and think I am the Greatest, most wonderful thing before sliced bread ( before that there was no "greatest thing" and we were all miserable) and I will not shoot you dead." (or send you to be tortured forever in Hell - am I not truly a loving father??)

    Things just ARE.

    If ants could question they would ask why great sticky pink things dart into their homes and whisk away thousands of their families and young every day.


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