Return to Jehovah… No Return Address

by Marvin Shilmer 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • stuckinarut2

    Return to Jehovah

    or in other words:


  • freein2004

    Ha Ha! "return to me or I'll kill you" That's funny. I hear this family all the time. "Jehovah is so loving he doesn't want anyone to be destroyed. He is giving everyone a chance to come to him" Well then why the hell is he letting so many good people suffer for so long? Why didn't he just fix the problem in the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned? Why didn't he just wipe out Satan back then? Why did he create us with free will in the first place? Why didn't he just create us all so that we'd be perfect and happy people and incapable of sin?

    Perhaps because Jehovah (God) is just not there.

  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "...the audience for this new release is NOT 'inactive ones' or 'disfellowshipped ones". The 'ones' they are after are those who are still active (and contributing!) but who feel something vaguely 'off'."

    Makes way more sense.

    Always look at the bigger picture.

  • BluesBrother
    sir82 - "...the audience for this new release is NOT 'inactive ones' or 'disfellowshipped ones

    I suspect that the target audience is the "inactive" who have drifted away, judging by the chapter headings. The ones still ticking over and reporting an hour a month are still totally "in" - just "weak"

    There are a lot of ex dubs who are not doctrinally at odds with them. They have just lost the will to carry on and keep up the routine of Meetings/Service/Meetings ....I recall "shepherding" such ones who would say " I know that it's The Truth, brother but......"

    These ones are ripe for re-starting, the likes of you and me know too much to be fooled again

  • steve2
    Trawl through the old bound volumes and you're sure to fish out articles aimed at inactive ones appealing to them to come back. I should imagine over the years of writing this sort of loving tripe that they include fewer stark warnings about the consequences of failing to return. There won't be earthquake-ravaged city scapes with shocked citizens young and old slipping through cracks to certain extermination. More likely to be kisses snd hugs from your elderly Scottish JW pioneer aunt who cites the latest Watchtower the way a nutter cites Scripture.
  • Crazyguy
    I think if I see this tract sitting around the house I will write next to the title 'return to Jehovah' 'and his wife Asherah'

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