Return to Jehovah… No Return Address

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  • freemindfade
    They want people to return because there are probably legal changes in the secular judicial system coming that will put these practices in a legal forum and they are already overburdened within child abuse. If all df'd shunned ones had legal recourse. Oh my.
  • sparrowdown

    Can't wait for the brochure for abuse victims.

    So, You Were Abused- Get over it already and stop trying to sue Jehovah!


    I will say, " None of those reasons. I simply refuse to associate with religious leaders who dictate what I must do to be "holy", while they simultaneously refuse to cooperate with the Superior Authorites regarding child sexual abuse. Why, even a GB member refused to comply with a subpoena!"


  • steve2

    It's nice I suppose that they are planning to reach out to those who have left - though, looking at the headers, I don't think it's directed at me.

    Posters may remember occasional Watchtower and Awake articles throughout the 60s and 70s along these lines whose aim was to urge inactive and non-attending Witnesses to return. Looks like the brochure is simply an extended re-tred of fairly usual pleadings that could be best described as simplistic.

    Still, everytime the fisherman casts his line into the river, he's bound to catch something.


    Yeah!! He might catch a Pedo who can serve as an Eldub!!!


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am just going to say how can I return to a religion who forbid me going to the police when someone in the hall threatened my life because they did not want Jehovah's name brought into and who forbid me from switching halls when my husband and I were robbed at gun point while at Bethel, again because of Jehovah's name it but then demanded that I as an elder's wife take a convicted pedophile door to door in my car when his poster was disturbed in the area we were supposed to work door to door. If that is not crazy making at its finest than I do not know what is and I want no part of it. I will never allow a religion or I should say cult to control my life like I did.


  • millie210

    On that Chap. 3....

    If they DARE tell people who have had their feelings hurt that they should suck it up or wait on Jehovah- it will have the opposite effect from the one intended.

  • nonjwspouse

    Sir82 i pity the poor person that might attempt to come to my door with this brochure

    "Hmmm. the cynic in me says this brochure will be used as a bullying instrument by elders on "shepherding visits".

    Visit inactive JWs, coerce them to accept a "study" in the brochure, and as indicated above, enforce negative consequences for those who refuse to do so".

    That person will not get away without hearing what I have to say, and I will follow them all the way to their car if i have to, and write down the tag #, and take a picture of them and the car with my phone. How dare the WT send anyone to my door to place pressure on my husband, and likely eventually break up a family.

  • Magwitch

    Lifeistoshort"....take a convicted pedophile door to door in my car when his poster was distributed in the area.

    WOW! just wow

  • Ding

    Return to sender

    Address unknown

    No such number

    No such zone...

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